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The Crystals You Must Have.

There are many kinds of crystals, many colors, and various healing functions. We all hope to gather all kinds of crystals. In order to realize this wish, we launched the crystal sugar cube series crystal set. There are various crystals in it, so that you can learn about crystals in the early stage. Let’s get started now.

Learn More About Crystal and Crystal Culture.

Trustable Crystal shop and Crystal Community

WillingWoods Crystal Shop is special at crystal design and crystal selling. We sell almost all kinds of Crystal Products. And We have a energetic team to run it effectively. We purchase raw stones and design crystal products. These are the reasons that we provides fashionable crystal for our customers.

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We had done crystal selling business for about 5 years. We have a individual team to buy raw crystal stones, designs crystal crafts, fabricate crystal, sell crystal, monitor delivery and serve customers. Our crystal shop work efficiently.


We are based in the global crystal distribution center, have a strong industrial chain advantage, and have the ability to provide you with the most cost-effective crystal products. At the same time, we are based on management, strictly control the quality, and ensure the true value of the goods.


Our values are simple, that is, everything is for the customer’s shopping experience. We take a responsible attitude to screen every crystal to ensure the value of the goods. We insist on a positive and responsible attitude, which is also the foundation of our business.

Crystal Shop

We selling almost all kinds of crystal products. Our designer keeps on creating fashionable and spiritual crystal products. We want to not only provide crystal, but also provide feeling of nature. Good quality raw stone is very intuitive and touching. You will feel simple happiness when fist glancing them.

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Customise Your Dream Crystal

We provides customising Service. Our customers can custom their own dream crystal by sending willingwoods service a require. We will do our best to find the raw stone, design the shape, fabricate it, and finally deliver it to your hands. Our customers also can pick crystals by scheduling a live stream, and then pick up your crystals though living stream.

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The answer you might be looking for

Wandering weather to buy crystals?

Crystals do have energy which can strengthen your intentions, pure your soul and give you power to have a deep view of yourself. Maybe you had suffered some crystal shop to find your dream crystal, and wandering weather to buy crystals. We think that your sixth feeling guid you to kown more about crystal. Mabe this feeling was disturbed by so many normal stones and kinds of words, we suggest you to follow your heart. We are keeping on making things simple. We want to show enough details of crystal while not disturb your intuition. If you had any kind suggestion to us, please feel free to contact willingwoods Service. We will reward your kindness.

What’s the meaning of the crystal?

Every kind of crystal has its own history and meaning which make evry stone unique. It’s the wisdom of predecessor. We are not only a crystal shop, but also a crystal community. We provide not only crystals, but also knowledges of crystals. Our customers can learn more crystal at willingwoods crystal meanings.

Wandering where to buy crystal?

Where to buy something? This is a question which had troubled most people when buy some unique things. We provides almost all kinds of crystals at a reasonable price. We are a leading crystal Shop and the crystal distribution center Internationally. If we do not sell the crystals you want, please feel free to contact willingwoods service. We will try our best to provide them to you at a reasonable price without any other fee.

Which intention do the crystal symbol ?

Crystal do have energy which has some power for human. Crystal can help us to meditate, be more confident, peaceful, intuitive, etc. Our crystal shop not only provide crystals, but also give some simple guide for the kind of crystal. You can have a glance of crystal intentions by willingwoods intentions. Our crystal shop do value your demand. If you have any idea you think is good for us, please feel free to contact willingwoods service. We will give you a gift to express our appreciation.

Crystal For Decoration

Decorating with crystals is both beautiful and full of crystal energy. The colorful and different kinds of crystals will also give you color energy. This kind of decoration really serves multiple purposes. Let’s try it.

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Crystal Jewelry

For personality, beauty, luxury, fashion, let’s set crystal jewelry.

More About Crystal Jewelry >>

WillingWoods Crystal Jewelry Shop

When art and fashion marry, gems have joined hands to devote the stage to luxury. Who cares about the perfect combination and re-stage the dazzling art. The assembly horn blows, and the gem show is officially staged, focusing on unique luxury and obsession.

The Crystal Style

Crystal style represents an active, healty and peaceful lifestyle. The crystal style represents the positive attitude towards the life, no matter the life is rich and poor, we just want to show up our heart, our mind, our style, our inner voice and our freedom. Yeap, it represents freedom.

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Crystal Blog

Amethyst Bracelet R-M-A

The difference between crystal and similar gems

The gems that are similar to crystals are mainly fluorite, calcite, feldspar, tourmaline, aquamarine, sageite, etc. The similarity is mainly reflected in appearance characteristics such as color and transparency. However, there are many differences between these gems and crystals.

Amethyst Bracelet R-M-A

Identification of synthetic crystals

Fashionable crystal collectors like to collect natural crystals, but they often look away from the large number of synthetic crystals on the market. So, how to distinguish between natural crystal and synthetic crystal?

The flower representing the consummation of the earth-white crystal

What we call “white crystal” is actually not white, but colorless and transparent. Transparent and pure white crystal is a quartz crystal whose main chemical component is silica. As far as the entire crystal family is concerned, white crystals are the most widely distributed and the most numerous. The white …

The flower representing the consummation of the earth-white crystal Read More »


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