Will the halo crystal and processed crystal affect the crystal energy?

The Aura Crystals

Regarding the aura crystal, it also called the aqua breath crystal, which means that the surface of the crystal or other spar is plated with metals such as gold, platinum, silver, etc., so that it has rainbow light or special color light. This is not so much a kind of crystal as it is a kind of craft. It is usually difficult for artificial crystals to possess the powerful energy of natural spar. Coated crystals are artificially coated to seal the energy of natural crystals and cannot be emitted naturally. Therefore, in terms of magnetic field energy, its crystal functions are very limited. But he has bright rainbow-like colors, and it has a certain effect from the perspective of color energy.

Arua Geode
Arua Geode

In principle, aura crystal has very limited energy, but it has powerful color energy for two reasons. First, the craftsmanship characteristics are worthy of appreciation; second, the combination of color therapy and spar healing. Color quality is usually based on color, and the use of large areas of color can cause visual and psychological impact on people, so as to achieve the purpose of healing; the magnetic energy law of spar is based on magnetic field energy, which corresponds to the color of the chakra through use The natural spar directly affects the human energy field, so as to achieve the purpose of healing. Although the latter also uses color, it does not emphasize the impact of color on vision.

The Processed Crystals

As the natural crystal used for energy, it is best to choose pure natural crystal that has not been optimized and processed by radiation, dyeing, glue injection, coating, etc. The artificially processed crystal is natural, but it is dyed, radiated, and glued. It is difficult to meet the requirements of spar cure due to serious energy loss or disorder due to artificial interference in processing techniques such as coating. From the perspective of cure, it is insignificant.

Clear Quartz Craft
Clear Quartz Craft

Pure natural crystal refers to crystal gemstones with natural crystals, natural colors, and without artificial optimization and processing, which are active in energy use. In order to ensure the pure naturalness of spar, many people who make spar heal prefer to use natural primitives, which is reasonable.

In addition, although carving and polishing will change the weight and shape of the crystal, it will not change its natural properties. Therefore, crystals that are only carved and polished are also natural crystals.

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