The health care function of crystal

As an ancient stone for medical and health care, crystal has always played a very important role in the history of medical treatment in ancient and modern times. A more detailed record of the medical effect of crystal is: crystal is cold and non-toxic. It treats palpitations and palpitations under calmness, and can improve eyesight. , To remove red eyes, benefit hair, and look happy, long-term use can lighten the body and prolong life.

Amethyst Bracelet R-M-A
Amethyst Bracelet R-M-A

Where does crystal’s health care function come from? According to modern scientific viewpoints, it can be explained from the following aspects: First, single crystal crystal has piezoelectricity. That is, when a voltage is applied to one end of the crystal, an electric charge will be released at the other end. After being worn by a person, the friction of natural crystal with the human body can produce a weak electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field has the functions of stabilizing emotions, promoting concentration, reducing pain and tension, and speeding up recovery. The second is that crystal has special optical properties. The crystal is a trigonal or hexagonal uniaxial crystal positive optical crystal. When it is cut and polished according to the position, the optical axis direction will often produce a certain concentration and discharge function. When it stimulates the acupoints of the human body, it can produce corresponding physiotherapy effects. . Third, the geological characteristics of crystal formation make it possess a variety of chemical elements. Like other gems, crystals are formed in a special geological structure environment and contain trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. These trace elements will penetrate into the human body along the pores and sweat glands through frequent friction with the skin, thereby promoting the balance of trace elements.

As homeopathy and alternative medical methods, there are also many reports in the medical field about crystal medicine and its curative effects. Simply put, it is to press the crystal on the patient’s injury or related chakras and acupuncture points to cooperate with the mind to achieve healing, The role of health.

According to the crystal therapy theory, the human body is always surrounded by the aura created by itself. When the spiritual level is not in harmony with the material level, and repressed or unprocessed psychological and emotional conflicts emerge in the body, it often manifests as a physical illness, and the aura also manifests as an energy imbalance. Crystal therapy is one of the most effective ways to purify the body and mind, release depression and injury, and connect to the source of spirituality. Through the high frequency oscillation of the crystal, the positive energy is input into the human body through the chakras, leading to the negative information and achieving the purpose of healing. Crystal can act on all levels of physiology, emotion, spirit, and spirituality at the same time. Therefore, crystal therapy is a comprehensive treatment from the body to the spirit and even the spiritual. In addition to treating physical symptoms, it will also take care of the patient’s psychological and spiritual levels. The root cause of the disease makes the body, mind, and spirit energies reach a comprehensive balance and operate harmoniously. Crystal therapy believes that with the help of crystals, people can generate power to change, learn and heal, let go of attachments, and make wise choices.

Fluorite Pyramid R-L-A
Fluorite Pyramid R-L-A

Whether all treatment methods are effective or not has an important relationship with people’s subjective consciousness. Just like people suffering from the same disease, the results of actively cooperating and rejecting treatment are definitely different. The use of crystal treatment is especially fateful. Those who are really willing to try usually get good results, while those who resist from the heart have little effect. There are even accidents such as the loss or damage of the crystal, which makes the treatment unable to continue. In addition, crystal therapy is not monolithic and rigid. It is often used flexibly according to individual conditions. The key is to see the cause of the disease. For example, in the treatment of gray hair, some are caused by excessive use of the brain, and some are caused by blood circulation problems, so when using spar treatment, completely different crystals may be used.

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