Amazonite Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Amazonite

What is amazonite?

Amazonite, a popular gemstone, is actually a subspecies of the common mineral feldspar group. It has charming blue-green short and thick prismatic crystals. The English name of Amazonite comes from the Amazon River, although there are no well-known Amazonite deposits in the Amazon basin. It is mainly produced in Canada, Madagascar, Mexico, Russia and some parts of Africa. Amazonite is relatively soft, easy to process, and very popular in ancient Egypt. The green color of Amazonite is traditionally associated with the spirit of abundance, protection and ancestors.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: KAlSi3O8

Color: light blue-green to dark medium green with bright stripes.

Luster: Glass luster.

Hardness: 6-6.5

Crystal System: Triclinic system

Streak: white

Specific Gravity: 2.6

Cleavage: Two sets of complete

Identification and Maintenance of Amazonite

  • The color depth of Amazonite varies greatly. Polished Amazonite can be identified by its stripes. The narrow texture is embellished with dark or very thick color spots.
  • The surface of Amazonite sometimes appears iridescent.
  • The exquisite Amazonite crystals with clear outlines are especially popular.
  • When used as a gemstone, Amazonite is usually cut into a curved surface.
Amazonyte Point

Amazonite Crystal Meaning

Amazonite has a strong filtering function, which can absorb the radiation of microwaves and mobile phones. Therefore, it can be placed between itself and contaminants to eliminate electromagnetic radiation.

Masonite filters information in the brain, enhances intuition, and has a stabilizing and soothing effect. Also, it calms the nervous system of the brain, aligns the physical and etheric bodies, balances the positive poles, helps maintain mental health, and allows you to see things from multiple perspectives.

Amazonite relieves emotional trauma, relieves anxiety and fear, and eliminates negative energies. It also helps to elevate the level of perception and makes people tend to help each other.

Can help you return to long-term memories, even past lives

Energy close to ancestors

Healing Function

  • Relieve the pain of ears, nose, throat and nervous system
  • Stimulate creativity and personal expression
  • Release blocked emotions
  • Support communication
  • Enhance mental power

How to Use Amazonite Crystal

  • Putting one piece of Amazonite on the Xinkou Chakra point, one piece on the bottom of the spine, and one piece under each foot can strengthen self-identity and personal ability.
  • Put one piece of Amazonite on the heart chakra points and the other on the bottom of your head to return to the memory of a long time.

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Similar Gems

  • Turquoise, its color is more uniform, has no bands, and is usually more blue.
  • Aventurine, no streaks
  • Emerald spar is more translucent and glassy.
  • Chrysocolla, etc. are also very similar to Amazonite
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