Apatite Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Apatite

The crystals of apatite come in many shapes and colors, much like some other crystals. Its name comes from the Greek word apate, which means liar. In fact, it was not until the 18th century that apatite was recognized as a distinctive mineral. Apatite can be produced in various geological environments, but the most important thing is in sedimentary rocks in the form of the remains of marine organisms. Apatite is also the main component of human tooth enamel. The most important apatite deposits in the world are in Canada and Spain. In terms of spar healing properties, apatite is related to versatility and variability.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: Ca5(PO4)3.(F.CI.OH)

Color: blue, yellow, green, etc.

Luster: glass luster to earthy luster

Hardness: 5

Crystal System: hexagonal crystal system

Identification and Maintenance of Apatite

  • The most common colors of apatite are blue and green
  • There are often cracks under the smooth surface of apatite.
  • Although the crystal color of Lili Greystone varies greatly, its luster is always not very shiny overall.
  • Apatite is brittle and easily scratched.

Blue Apatite Bracelet B-M-A

Apatite Crystal Meaning

  • Transition to a static state

Healing Function

  • Strengthen the physical structure of bones, teeth and muscle tissue.
  • Help personal expression and smooth communication
  • Encourage a resilient mentality
  • Activate materials and deepen understanding
  • Stimulate subtle levels of awareness and insight
  • Help us create structure
  • Help us reorganize the areas that need attention in our lives

How to Use Apatite Crystal

  • Take three apatite crystals, one on the throat chakra point, and the other two on both sides of the sternum and below the collarbone, you will get a flexible and diverse attitude.
  • Take eight apatite crystals, place one on each side of the head and ears, one on the throat, one on the middle of the back, one on each side of the kidney, and one on each side of the two thumbs to optimize body energy.

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Similar Gems

  • Kyanite is similar in color to blue apatite, but apatite is more slab-shaped and rarely translucent.
  • Beryl is also a hexagonal plate or columnar crystal, but it does not appear to have many internal fissures.
  • All aspects of topaz have obvious crystal face stripes, and the crystal head is wedge-shaped.

Crystal Meanings

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