Minerals and rocks

Minerals And Rocks

Crystal Info Crystal Knowledge For Minerals And Rocks Crystal is a sub-category of minerals and rocks. By understanding minerals and rocks, we can better understand crystals. Read More Table of Contents Minerals Minerals, or free …

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Crystal Birthstone


Crsytal Info Crystal Birthstone Because people have good faith in gems and wish the wearers safety and good fortune, so long ago in history, they gave each other gems as gifts. The use of gem …

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Gemstone Mushrooms S

Crystal and Gems Processing

The mined crystal usually needs to be processed to maximize its value and function to meet people’s needs for viewing, wearing, and collecting. According to the crystal raw materials and the purpose of processing, the processing of crystals is generally divided into processing of rough crystals, crystal jewelry and crystal carvings. Crystal jewelry processing mainly includes curved, faceted, bead and special shapes.

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The difference between crystal and similar gems

The gems that are similar to crystals are mainly fluorite, calcite, feldspar, tourmaline, aquamarine, sageite, etc. The similarity is mainly reflected in appearance characteristics such as color and transparency. However, there are many differences between these gems and crystals.

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Identification of synthetic crystals

Fashionable crystal collectors like to collect natural crystals, but they often look away from the large number of synthetic crystals on the market. So, how to distinguish between natural crystal and synthetic crystal?

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