Aventurine Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Aventurine

Aventurine is a member of the crystal family and has a long history as a carving material and healing product. For example, in Tibet, aventurine is used as a thing to improve perception and enhance eyesight. Aventurine is easily distinguished from other quartz crystals because of its shining inclusions inside. Aventurine is thought to be named because it resembles a shiny green decorative glass invented in Italy in the 18th century. This glass It is made by adding metal flakes while melting.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: SiO2

Color: green, blue or reddish brown with metallic glitter

Luster: glass luster

Hardness: 7

Crystal System: Trigonal crystal system (microcrystalline)

Identification and Maintenance of Aventurine

  • Aventurine is easy to identify because of its shiny appearance, and it is commonly seen as rounded pebbles or lumps.
  • Dark and shiny aventurine is usually used for carving, but most of the rounded aventurine is light and not too shiny.
  • There are three common colors of aventurine: green is mainly caused by mica, red-brown is mainly caused by pyrite and goethite, and blue is mainly caused by rutile or crocidolite.
Blue Aventurine

Aventurine Crystal Meaning

Aventurine can protect a garden or house from the urgency of its surroundings and turn the tide against the owner, leading to success.

On the other hand, aventurine jade can absorb electromagnetic fields, and wearing it can strengthen people’s ability to resist environmental radiation, or it can also be tied on the hand to prevent radiation.

Psychologically,Aventurine can help us strengthen our leadership and decision-making skills, and can send us compassion, recognition and understanding of others, and encourage people to persevere in doing things. It also stabilizes people’s emotions, enhances perception, and increases creativity. Aventurine can help people understand the many options and possibilities, especially those presented by others.

Emotionally, mentally, Aventurine can bring wisdom, calm anger, promote emotional recovery, and start a new life.

Physiologically ,Aventurine jade pair can make people further perceive the root of the disease, and then find a solution. At the same time, aventurine is good for the nervous system and can improve our acuity.

Aventurine Healing Function

  • Calm and stabilize mood
  • Encourage optimistic views
  • Make your mind calm and stable (especially blue aventurine)
  • Green Aventurine is one of the best gems for balancing the heart and chakras, promoting spiritual growth and having gratitude
  • Reddish brown aventurine can bring happiness and relaxation

How to Use Aventurine Crystal

  • Stabilize your mood and make your mood cheerful: put aventurine in the center of your chest for a while, and 4 clear crystals around the aventurine (with the tip facing outwards). If your mood is disturbed, put another aventurine at your throat, one Smoky quartz and other earthy stones are placed under the feet.

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Similar Gems

  • The luster of jade is not as shiny as aventurine and does not shimmer.
  • Emerald sometimes contains shiny mica like green aventurine, but it has a striking cleavage.
  • Tianhe water has a green hue, but does not flash.
  • Blue crystal is similar to blue aventurine, but there are no shiny inclusions.
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