Crystal Color

Black Crystals’ Meaning and Energy

Color is a kind of light energy, the universal language of all kinds of life, and the language of the subconscious mind. The colorful crystals represent an attitude to life.

Introduction of Black Color

Neither black nor white are colors in the pure sense, and they exist in a form of opposition. Without one of the two, the other cannot be defined. In contrast to white, black is a symbol of the absence of light. It is completely dark, that is, without any light, everything is invisible.

Black Color Properties and Energy

Different from the reflective properties of white, black can absorb all the light and hide the whole world. Therefore, white symbolizes display, and black symbolizes cover-up. In the terms of symbolism, white can be interpreted as totality, sacred and beautiful, and black is inevitably associated with hidden, fearful and bad experiences. Black is the fear of a night without stars and moon-everything is invisible, everything is unknowable, and anything terrible may be hidden in it. White is the color of appearance, birth, and change, while black is the color of continuation, blur, and concealment. White can make people feel its existence, while black represents a step back, refusing to take a stand or be noticed.

White is the energy of completion, a large outward; black is the energy of gestation and preparation. Black has always been associated with the energy of the earth and fertile soil-fertile soil is the source of all life and food, and it is also the resting place for the dead. At this time, black and white have the same meaning: death and end.

Black Crystals

Classification of black gems and their crystal meanings.

Black Color Meaning

In times of fear and uncertainty, black is a threatening unknown, a silence in which fear and nightmares are amplified. However, in some cases, black is just a leisurely emptiness, allowing many different possibilities to appear and then disappear.

The black, which is good at hiding everything, has mysterious characteristics. This mystery implies the potential and unlimited possibilities that can be unearthed, and therefore creates an awesome sense of distance, solemn and serious, symbolizing The authority of the leader is beyond doubt.

How to use black color and black crystal for a better life

  • In people’s minds, black and white are clear means that they cannot find common ground, but without each other, neither can be defined.
  • It is necessary to establish prestige in front of everyone and maintain a majestic momentum.
  • Where there is light, there is shadow: black and white are interdependent.
  • Light and shadow, white and black, using this arbitrary contrast pattern, zebra can successfully hide itself in the surrounding environment.

Black Crystal Application

  • If you want to be unobtrusive, consider wearing black clothes. Black is an unobtrusive and mysterious color.

Black Crystal For

  • Black stones-obsidian, citrine, black tourmaline and hematite can help people release deeply unbalanced energy. They can calm the body and mind by accelerating the release of useless energy.
  • Mysterious, silent.
  • Protection, grounding, safety, security
  • Community issues
  • Unconscious, unknown, shadowy self

When the following situations occur, you need to add black crystals to your life:

  • Need personal space and meditation.
  • The personality is weak, timid and fearful.
  • No idea, hesitate.

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