Black Tourmaline Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline, also known as black tourmaline, is the most widely distributed tourmaline mineral. The reason why it appears black is due to the iron contained in its chemical composition. In this healing, black tourmaline has a strong and very clean energy, which makes it particularly effective. From removing the negative energy at home to relaxing the muscles that were strained and jet lag, it performed quite well. When heated, the tourmaline has a positive charge on one end and a negative charge on the other end. This also indicates the key characteristic of this metal: it helps us eliminate extreme ideas.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: Na(Mg,Fe,Li,Mn,Al)3Al6(BO3)Si6.O18(OH,F)4

Colour: Black

Luster: glass luster

Hardness: 7-7.5

Crystal System: Trigonal crystal system

Identification and Maintenance of Black Tourmaline

  • Single crystal is easy to identify, its cross-section is inverted-curved triangle, the crystal head is not high, even a bit close to dome shape.
  • If small crystals are exposed to light for a long time, they will often show a brown to green hue. Longitudinal crystal grains are visible.
Black Obsidian Pyramid

Black Tourmaline Crystal Meaning

  • Able to divert any potential hazards, black tourmaline is considered to be one of the most effective gems to avoid negative energy.
  • There is a strong connection with earth energy.

Black Tourmaline Healing Function

  • Adjust the body structure.
  • Because of its close relationship with Bulun point, it has a stable and fixed effect.
  • Soothes and repairs tired bones and muscles.
  • Temporarily focus on consciousness.
  • Strengthen the sense of reality.
  • Be grounded and protect us.

How to Use Black Tourmaline Crystal

  • Wear tourmaline earrings or stick a small piece of black tourmaline ointment behind the ear to relieve tinnitus and earache.
  • Carry the electric gemstone when traveling to relieve fatigue, jet lag and avoid loss of direction.
  • Put black tourmalines under the bed and under the mattress to sleep well, especially in unfamiliar places.

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Similar Gems

  • Epidote crystal looks similar to black tourmaline, but is usually dark brownish green.
  • Onyx, when onyx is rounded, is difficult to distinguish from black tourmaline unless it has very fine stripes.
  • Rounded obsidian looks similar to black tourmaline, but obsidian is usually more transparent.

Crystal Meanings

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