Gemstone Mushrooms S

Crystal and Gems Processing

The mined crystal usually needs to be processed to maximize its value and function to meet people’s needs for viewing, wearing, and collecting. According to the crystal raw materials and the purpose of processing, the processing of crystals is generally divided into processing of rough crystals, crystal jewelry and crystal carvings. Crystal jewelry processing mainly includes curved, faceted, bead and special shapes.

The flower representing the consummation of the earth-white crystal

What we call “white crystal” is actually not white, but colorless and transparent. Transparent and pure white crystal is a quartz crystal whose main chemical component is silica. As far as the entire crystal family is concerned, white crystals are the most widely distributed and the most numerous. The white crystal is crystal clear, similar …

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Psychological suggestion and crystal function

Scientists have confirmed that at the level of quantum mechanics, whether it is humans, crystals, minerals, animals, plants and other “materials” belonging to the category of human consciousness, in the final analysis are different manifestations of cosmic energy. When human and crystal are united on the spiritual level, a new energy balance can be developed. …

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Entrepreneurship Perception

I was full of enthusiasm and founded a business;But the road stumbling.Looking back on the past,I think about my shortcomings,In addition to persistence,Feelings such as enjoying the process;Doing small things well is a career.It is my biggest insight.

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