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Blue Crystals’ Color Meaning and Energy

Color is a kind of light energy, the universal language of all kinds of life, and the language of the subconscious mind. The colorful crystals represent an attitude to life.

Introduction of Blue Color

Blue is the color that can produce distance. When the painters of the Renaissance were thinking about how to express perspective painting, they found through observation that in nature, the farther an object is from us, the bluer it looks. Blue itself can have an effect of extending the feeling.

Blue Color Properties and Energy

Blue energy has two characteristics. On the one hand, it can surpass-actively seeking information and details; on the other hand, it is leisurely and peaceful, symbolizing a happy life, and does not pay special attention to thought.

Sometimes these qualities seem to be contradictory, but in fact, the factor of unity is the desire for balance. For example, the teacher is more knowledgeable than the student, and the exchange allows the student to understand the knowledge that the teacher has; however, when the information that the teacher and the student knows reaches a balance, the teaching activity will be terminated. This is a new state of balance and calm, and this state will continue until a new source of information is discovered and communication will begin again. All forms of communication, such as talking, listening, learning, and exchanging information and opinions, are “blue” activities. The same is true for expressive arts—not just performing arts like acting, singing, and music, but any art form that seeks to communicate with others.

Although blue is the color of communication and energy flow, it is relatively calm. If we think that red is caused by concentration or the accumulation of energy that cannot flow freely, then we can understand this property of blue. Therefore, if the body is inflamed—a state of excess red energy—use blue vibration to lower the temperature of the inflamed area, and the inflammation can be alleviated. This will counteract the redness, or it will help to remove obstacles, bring energy flow, and restore normal functions to the inflamed area.

Blue Crystals

Light blue stones can improve communication skills and effectively enhance the function of the immune system. Turquoise and aquamarine can improve the flexibility of the human body and support subtle changes in the body’s energy system. Blue pattern agate and lapis lazuli help release tension and help people get rid of heavy feelings.

Dark blue stones such as lapis lazuli, sodalite, sapphire and kyanite can balance the normal thinking process and improve intuition. They also help release long-term tension and pressure, and form a balanced mindset.

Blue Color Meaning

The sense of distance gives blue a kind of detachment and dedication. Staring at the sky will naturally produce a sense of peace. Blue can free the mind from daily affairs and free people from the troubles of various thoughts, emotions and actions. The blue “calm” personality can help people avoid falling into chaotic emotions or any unusual beliefs. The indifferent characteristic is like the blue of the distant mountains, not limited to details or closeness, and has a broader perspective.

Sometimes blue is also related to dedication. This is a characteristic of vibration, and it can also be understood as a constant flow of energy, or an exchange facing the cause of dedication. This cause is usually of great influence and highly concentrated, such as the Virgin Mary and Krishna, they are all related to the blue Colors are linked together.

If our lives are not injected with blue to help the flow of information and energy, we will inevitably suffer setbacks and disappointments, and we will not be able to make progress no matter what we do.

How to use blue color and blue crystal for a better life

  • Blue is the color of the ocean and sky, which helps people to put aside daily affairs and let their hearts go.

Blue Crystal Application

  • Blue helps communication, whether it is communicating with others or listening to your own thoughts and emotions. Writing the content of the speech on blue paper will also help memorize it.

Blue Crystal For

  • Blue has a peaceful, leisurely energy, is welcomed by many people, and is full of a sense of stability and reliability.
  • Beautiful, fresh, quiet.
  • Truth, wisdom, loyalty, listening.
  • Throat, thyroid, dental problems, self-expression.
  • Surrender to the divine will.

You need to add blue crystal to your life when the following situations occur:

  • Need to calm down excitement, excitement, or confusion.
  • Need to communicate clearly.
  • Need the help of new information or understand the information in a specific context.
  • It requires calm, detachment, solitude and rest.

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