Brown Crystals’ Color Meaning and Energy

Brown is a mixture of red, yellow and blue. Sometimes it may also contain a small amount of black. These colors lose their original characteristics after being mixed and present the main colors of soil and nature. Brown is a pure background color-it makes other colors more noticeable. Like other colors, brown has many different shades and hues, and each tone has a different effect. Generally speaking, brown is neutral and does not pose any threat. Its warm tone makes people feel comfortable and familiar.

Mediocre but reliable

Before blue denim, brown was the color of choice for most manual workers. As a mixture of multiple primary colors, brown can be integrated into multiple cultural backgrounds. It is a disguise, does not show any preference, has no specific direction or attitude. In the Middle Ages, brown was also considered the “color of the poor.” For poor workers and farmers, not only the clothing was brown, but even the skin was tanned and rough during long-term outdoor work. This is hardship. The deep imprint of life.

However, as the color of the earth on which humans depend for survival, simple brown can give people a great sense of security and quickly calm tensions. It gives people a sense of reliability, reality and development; it also implicitly implies dependence. , And the desire to stay in the background and do not want to be discovered and noticed.

Practical brown

The red component gives brown a kind of actual energy. After mixing the spiritual energy of yellow and blue, it can play a role in promoting learning and concentration. However, a large area of ​​brown can also make people feel dull, because it cannot break through established behavior patterns.

In traditional oak-paneled libraries and study rooms, brown helps to transform inspiration and ideas into practical, daily actions. Discovery and invention need to spend time on the details that need to be focused, but also to ponder the same idea until the best way to solve the problem is available. In such a process, brown can play a supporting role.

How to use brown color for a better life

Brown is a mixture of red, yellow and blue in varying degrees. The brown range extends from burnt orange to reddish and purple chocolate brown.

You need to add brown to your life when the following situations occur:

  • Feeling insecure, feeling lonely and helpless, and fearing because of an empty heart.
  • Feeling impetuous and unable to stabilize one’s emotions.
  • Get into entanglement and can’t find a solution.
  • I feel the dream is out of reach and lack the motivation to practice.

Brown application

In home life, brown will be the overwhelming color. Adding several brighter colors to brown wooden furniture and floors will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Brown Crystals

The brown tiger’s eye stone not only possesses powerful crystal energy, but the strong brown color allows us to implement our ideas more realistically.

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