Chrysocolla Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla usually looks like a scene in the sky or the surface of a distant planet. It is a stone that indicates many possibilities. Chrysocolla is produced in the leaching oxidation zone of copper deposits. This mineral is rarely very pure. Its crystal structure varies greatly with the mixed elements. It is often associated with copper minerals, such as blue Copper ore, malachite, cuprite, turquoise, etc.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: Cu2H2Si2O5(OH)4

Color: green, blue-green to bright blue

Luster: glass luster to waxy luster

Hardness: 2—4

Crystal System: monoclinic system or orthorhombic system, microcrystalline

Identification and Maintenance of Chrysocolla

  • Pure Chrysocolla is very soft unless it is mixed with minerals such as crystal, chalcedony or opal.
  • High-quality chrysocolla often has distinct blue and green areas, making it look like the relationship between the earth and outer space.
  • The ratio of turquoise and malachite contained in Israel’s Eilatite is basically relative, and has a relatively consistent color compared to most other types of Chrysocolla.
Chrysocolla Point

Chrysocolla Crystal Meaning

  • Bring change, success and harmony

Chrysocolla Healing Function

  • Good for throat and chest diseases
  • Relax body and emotions
  • Enhance creativity
  • Help communication on multiple levels

How to Use Chrysocolla Crystal

  • Placing Chrysocolla on the bottom of the throat and on both sides of the chest cavity can evenly breathe and enhance expression.
  • Placing Chrysocolla at the throat chakra point and the bottom of the skull can prevent subconscious messages.
  • Placing Chrysocolla at the base of the spine and skull can balance the energy flow of the spine.

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Similar Gems

  • The sea stone contains white veins and is harder.
  • Turquoise is richer and harder in color.
  • Tianhe stone is harder.
  • The blue agate is harder, more gorgeous and does not contain green spots.

Crystal Meanings

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