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The topic of our crystal blog is crystal knowledge information, how to use crystals to enhance our lives. Follow us and we will take you to a thorough understanding of crystal.

Minerals and rocks

Minerals And Rocks

Crystal Info Crystal Knowledge For Minerals And Rocks Crystal is a sub-category of minerals and rocks. By understanding minerals and rocks, we can better understand crystals. Read More Table of Contents Minerals Minerals, or free and uncombined natural elements, such as gold, silver, copper, etc.; or compounds of elements, such as feldspar, limestone, amphibole, and

Healing crystal - crystal guide

Healing Crystals: A Guide To 40 Essential Gemstones

Crytal Guides Crytal Guides of 40 Essential Gemstones From here learn more knowledge about healing crystals. Read More Table of Contents When we want to buy crystals, open an online crystal store or go to a physical store, we will find a wide variety of crystals. This will leave us at a loss. Which crystals

Crystals for beginer

Crystals For Beginner: Top 10 Basic Crystals

Crystal Blog A Guide For Crystal Beginner Top 10 basic crystals are selected by us for geginners of crystal fun. At the same time, this is also an article to guide novices how to use these crystals easily. Read More Table of Contents For crystal beginner , understanding the most basic crystals will help them

Crystal Birthstone


Crsytal Info Crystal Birthstone Because people have good faith in gems and wish the wearers safety and good fortune, so long ago in history, they gave each other gems as gifts. The use of gem birthstones began in Germany and Poland in 1562, and is currently popular all over the world. More Crystal Knowledge Table

Gemstone Mushrooms S

Crystal and Gems Processing

The mined crystal usually needs to be processed to maximize its value and function to meet people’s needs for viewing, wearing, and collecting. According to the crystal raw materials and the purpose of processing, the processing of crystals is generally divided into processing of rough crystals, crystal jewelry and crystal carvings. Crystal jewelry processing mainly includes curved, faceted, bead and special shapes.

Amethyst Bracelet R-M-A

The difference between crystal and similar gems

The gems that are similar to crystals are mainly fluorite, calcite, feldspar, tourmaline, aquamarine, sageite, etc. The similarity is mainly reflected in appearance characteristics such as color and transparency. However, there are many differences between these gems and crystals.

Amethyst Bracelet R-M-A

Identification of synthetic crystals

Fashionable crystal collectors like to collect natural crystals, but they often look away from the large number of synthetic crystals on the market. So, how to distinguish between natural crystal and synthetic crystal?

The flower representing the consummation of the earth-white crystal

What we call “white crystal” is actually not white, but colorless and transparent. Transparent and pure white crystal is a quartz crystal whose main chemical component is silica. As far as the entire crystal family is concerned, white crystals are the most widely distributed and the most numerous. The white crystal is crystal clear, similar

What color tourmaline is the most valuable

Tourmaline is a well-known gem species second only to precious gems, and is the most valuable of all common semi-precious stones. It is a borosilicate with a very complex composition. The mine is called tourmaline. It will generate static electricity after being heated and rubbed, and it can adsorb small objects. This is why tourmaline

Mysterious human energy field

The development of science allows us to observe the energy field of the human body and matter more and more directly. Kirlian photography is a photographic technique in which the photographic paper is in contact with the object, and the discharge image of the object is directly exposed to the photographic paper using high voltage.

Psychological suggestion and crystal function

Scientists have confirmed that at the level of quantum mechanics, whether it is humans, crystals, minerals, animals, plants and other “materials” belonging to the category of human consciousness, in the final analysis are different manifestations of cosmic energy. When human and crystal are united on the spiritual level, a new energy balance can be developed.

The health care function of crystal

As an ancient stone for medical and health care, crystal has always played a very important role in the history of medical treatment in ancient and modern times. A more detailed record of the medical effect of crystal is: crystal is cold and non-toxic. It treats palpitations and palpitations under calmness, and can improve eyesight.

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