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Because people have good faith in gems and wish the wearers safety and good fortune, so long ago in history, they gave each other gems as gifts. The use of gem birthstones began in Germany and Poland in 1562, and is currently popular all over the world.

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January Birthstone


Garnet is named for its shape like pomegranate seeds. It is usually a deep red gemstone, which is very versatile. Garnets can be found in metamorphic, igneous, or sedimentary rocks, and can have various grades. Garnet is the birthstone of January, representing chastity, love, and loyalty.

Amethyst Bracelet R-M-A

February Birthstone


Since ancient times, people have regarded purple as a noble color. Amethyst, the color is like grapes, bright and lovely. People hailed it as the Stone of Honesty, the birthstone of February, which symbolizes honesty, peace of mind, kindness, wide-ranging connections, peace and good fortune, and peace of mind. Because Valentine’s Day is in February, and because of the above characteristics of amethyst, amethyst has naturally become a gift between lovers, a token of love, and a symbol of eternal love. Amethyst is also a commemorative gem for the 17th wedding anniversary.


March Birthstone


Minerals such as aquamarine and emeralds are all beryl. Aquamarine is sky blue or sea blue because of the trace iron contained in beryl. It has long been regarded as a symbol of happiness and eternal youth, which can enable the wearer to overcome evil, and is especially regarded as the amulet of voyagers. As the birthstone of March, it symbolizes composure and bravery, happiness and longevity.


April Birthstone


Diamond is also called diamond, and the mineral name is diamond. Diamonds are the hardest and most lustrous gems in the world. Therefore, as a birthstone in April, diamonds symbolize innocence and long-lasting love. Because it serves as a commemorative stone for the 60th anniversary of marriage, the 60th anniversary of marriage is also named Diamond Marriage.


May Birthstone


The emerald green is pleasing to the eye, and people of all ages are fascinated by it. The color of emerald represents the beauty of spring. It is the most suitable birthstone for May, symbolizing beauty, happiness, and luck. It is also a commemorative stone for the 55th anniversary of marriage.


June Birthstone

Alexandrite, Moonstone

Alexandrite is a kind of golden emerald, mainly due to the color change of alexandrite under different light. It is green under the sun and red under the incandescent lamp. Many poets and writers hailed it as an emerald in the day and a ruby in the night. It is said that the Russian Tsar Alexander II discovered alexandrite on his birthday, hence the name Alexandrite.

Moonstone is the most valuable species of feldspar. Because it has a light blue moonlight effect, it is named Moonstone. It is believed that wearing a moonstone can bring good luck. It is listed as a June birthstone with alexandrite, which means health, longevity, and prosperity.


July Birthstone


The mineral name of ruby and sapphire is corundum. They belong to the same mineral and are also called sister gems. The red ones are called rubies, the ones with stars are called star sapphires, and the other colors are sapphires. The good color of rubies is blood red, called chicken blood red or pigeon blood red, which is a rare treasure. Among gems, rubies and sapphires are high-end varieties, and their value is second only to diamonds. Ruby symbolizes passion, love, and dignity, and is considered the birthstone of July.


August Birthstone


Peridot is an affordable and beautiful gemstone. It is named after its characteristic yellow-green, namely olive green, and is known as the stone of happiness. Peridot is the birthstone in August, which means happiness and harmony between husband and wife.


September Birthstone


The color of sapphire is various shades of blue, both calm and clear, and deeply attracts people. In sapphire, in addition to blue, there are many other colors, any kind of color has the charm that is hard to give up. The best color among sapphires is called cornflower blue, which is blue-violet like a swan melt. In the gem world, one of the most brilliant blues is called ocean blue or ocean cyan, and the other dripping blue is also a good product.

Opal Shpere S

October Birthstone


Opal belongs to opal in mineralogy. Opal stone was described by Roman scholars as a combination of the water of ruby, the bright purple of amethyst and the blue-green of aquamarine. It is a colorful dream woven together by these colors. Opal is considered to be the birthstone of October, a symbol of hope and well-being.


November Birthstone

Topaz or Citrine

The mineralogy of topaz is also called topaz. Topaz has been more valuable since ancient times because of its hardness and beautiful color. Topaz’s high-quality products are Sydney wine-colored and yellow varieties. The sky blue variety is also a more precious gem. Topaz and citrine are the birthstones in November, symbolizing friendship, friendship, hope, and whiteness. They are also commemorative stones for the 16th anniversary of marriage.


December Birthstone

Zircon, Turquoise, Lapis lazuli

The mineralogical name of zircon is also zircon. Zircon has a higher refractive index and a stronger dispersion, just like a diamond, it has a stronger fire phenomenon. Many people believe that red zircon can make the wearer get rid of evil and endow people with intelligence and wisdom. Zircon, turquoise, and lapis lazuli are the birthstones of December, symbolizing victory. 

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