Blue smithsonite

Tranquility and elegance are the characteristics of magnesite. Like a quiet lake on the top of a mountain, like a lake at the end of a wilderness, like blue ice on a glacial cliff—the magnesite has always been the kind of fairies who are tall and widowed. She is beautiful and individual, with warmth in the cold. She is a glacier elf, and people can imagine her beautiful face, but few people can really approach it; she can be met but not sought.

Malachite Point

The mixed colors of blue, green, and white can show the divergent patterns vividly by simply polishing.

Good things are the same as good people. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be appreciated by many people. It’s enough to know that it’s good.

Magnesite is a mineral composed of zinc carbonate, which is generally produced in the oxidation zone of copper-zinc deposits. Blue smithsonite is rare and beautiful.

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