Crystal jewelry purchase and collection

The purchase of jewelry must first determine the purpose of the purchase. The jewelry worn daily must match the consumer’s cultural circle, the grade should not be too high, and the variety and style must be recognized by the cultural zone. Jewelry occasionally worn on formal occasions should be elegant, and a set of jewelry is better. Collection needs to consider collection-level varieties. When buying jewelry, you must first determine whether the purchase channel is reliable. If the channel is reliable, you should shop around, compare the quality with the same price, and compare the price with the same quality. The most important of these is to prevent the purchase of fakes.


  • Quality Evaluation
  1. Colour
  2. Transparency
  3. Purity, blemishes
  4. Block size
  1. Scarce crystal resources
  2. Crystal specimen collection
  3. Crystal cluster collection
  4. Collection of crystal balls
  5. Collection of Amethyst Cave
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Gemstone Flower For Home Decoration

Quality Evaluation

The evaluation of crystal is mainly based on its color, transparency, size, purity, special pattern and whether it has optical effects. The color is pure, the density is high, and the interior is flawless. In terms of types, peptide crystals and green ghosts are the most expensive, followed by citrine, amethyst, smoky crystal, colorless crystal, and hibiscus stone. Crystals with special optical effects are more expensive.


First of all, the color must be pure. For example, white crystal must be colorless, purple of amethyst, yellow of citrine, and pink of pink crystal. These colors must be pure and beautiful. The purity of the color also includes the inclusions in the crystal, such as the color of the crystal, the green of the green ghost, and so on. For the phantom crystal, the color matching and the beauty of the combination should also be considered. Secondly, the color should be strong enough and gorgeous. For example, amethyst should be brilliant purple, citrine should be yellow, and pink crystal should be bright pink. Third, the color distribution must be uniform, and there can be no dark or light.

Regardless of the color of the crystal, it is better to be rich. The color should be positive and gorgeous, without any noise. For colored crystals, the medium-deep color is better, that is, the color is moderate, neither too light nor too dark. The color of amethyst is preferably purple, grape purple or deep purple. The highest quality amethyst is a medium dark purple with a strong red secondary color. This amethyst will sparkle with red and pink luster from the inside out. The chromaticity should be uniform, and there are deep and shallow on the same crystal, and the color tone and texture should be beautiful, generous, and consistent. Buy amethyst, usually with a little cloud, dark purple in color, and transparent crystal as the top grade.

Crystal Heart
Crystal Heart


The crystal is transparent. The more transparent the better, the higher the price. The finished product processed by good transparent crystal is crystal clear and dazzling. The crystal with high transparency can enhance the gorgeousness of the color, otherwise it will appear dull and inanimate.

Purity, blemishes

Crystal is famous for its sparkling beauty, cleanliness and transparency. A crystal that is clean, flawless, and less impurity has high value. If the colorless crystal is very dirty, its use value is very low. The less impurities and cracks in the crystal, the better. Good-quality crystal products should not see gas-liquid inclusions or impurity particles distributed in star-like, cloud-like, and flocculent shapes. Crystals with cracks and spots are of low grade.

Block size

The value of a crystal is also related to the size of the block, the same color and purity level, the larger the block, the more rare it is. Sometimes the quality level is lower, but the block is large enough, and the price may be higher than the high-level small crystals. The price of crystal bracelets and necklaces is closely related to the size of the beads. Among the craft crystals, the larger crystals can be used to make crystal glasses and engraving high-end crafts, so the price is higher. The optical level requires full transparency, no twin crystals, and no impurities. Craft crystals are required to be transparent, less cracked, and less flawed. Smelted crystals are required to be transparent and may have more cracks.

Clear Quartz Flower , home decor
Clear Quartz Flower , home decor

How to prevent buying fake crystals

Before buying jewelry, learn some relevant knowledge and do some simple identification yourself. It should be emphasized here that jewelry consumers should also understand the optimal processing knowledge of jewelry. In order to make jewelry more beautiful, many jewelry on the market have been optimized, such as heating, radiation, dyeing, filling, coating and other treatments. Before buying a certain piece of jewelry, consumers need to understand the common optimization and processing methods of the jewelry. Optimization is acceptable to consumers and belongs to “genuine products”, and processing is unacceptable to consumers and belongs to “fake products.” Consumers should pay special attention to whether the gemstone has been optimized. The original color of the gem is changed by heating, such as amethyst is heated to become citrine, the lighter color becomes darker, and the darker becomes lighter; or by filling the cracks of the gemstone to make the gemstone more transparent and fissure Wait less. The heated gemstones do not need to be marked and are still natural gemstones. It must be marked if processed by other methods. For example, if amethyst is heated to citrine, there is no need to mark it, but the dyed crystal should be named processed crystal. Generally, the price of gems that have not undergone any treatment is higher, and the price of gems marked “treated” is the lowest.

Crystal Garden
Crystal Garden

Crystal collection

Scarce crystal resources

Natural high-quality crystal should be a luxury item, and low-level development is a waste of resources. Natural high-quality crystal is also a scarce resource, which is gradually decreasing.

Crystal specimen collection

The collection of raw crystals is the most important part of the field of crystal collections, and many crystal collectors are keen on this. The rough crystal collection includes large crystal single crystals, crystal clusters and inclusion crystals, as well as various strange stones, strange stones, orphans, and exquisite products. The price of crystals cannot be compared with diamonds and emeralds due to the large output, but those rare and unique ones will surely appreciate. Collecting crystals is also in accordance with the standards of orb collections. Generally, the choice is crystals with beautiful colors and crystals. Crystal collection is valuable in its rarity and strange characteristics. Therefore, you should look at it when you collect it. As long as you encounter strange natural crystals, they are worth collecting. The ornamental value of crystal is generally higher than that of ornamental stones, because it is both a gem and an ornamental stone. Experts call it a “gem-grade ornamental stone”. The crystals in other gems are small, and the variety is not as rich as crystals. It is difficult to become Ornamental stone, so as an ornamental stone, crystal has a unique position. Of course, as more and more people understand crystals, it is almost impossible to “picking up”. Due to the increase of enthusiasts, there is broad room for the price increase of crystal fine rough.

Crystal cluster collection

With its natural uniqueness, crystal clusters have become ornamental stones in a strict sense, with humanistic and scientific value. When collecting crystal clusters, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Modeling. There are about three kinds of crystal pillars that make up the crystal clusters, some are as thin as fingers, some are as fingers as middle, and there are big and giant as teacup, or even bigger. These crystals make up weird shapes, flat or square, long or short, and people with different preferences will have different collection options.
  2. Completeness. Although crystal has high hardness, it cannot withstand the strong impact of external force. The crystal clusters will be damaged more or less during the mining and transportation process, so pay attention to observation when selecting to see if there are cracks or breakages.
  3. Color. The crystal clusters are transparent, bright in color, and pure.

Collection of crystal balls

The crystal is crystal clear, and the crystal ball can best reflect the crystal clear characteristics, and is favored by crystal collectors. The crystal ball represents perfection, and the crystal itself possesses super power. The crystal ball is sometimes called “response to every request”. The crystal for processing the crystal ball should be transparent, with few impurities, no cracks, and the crystal should be coarse. Crystals are columnar crystals, and the largest diameter of the crystal ball is the diameter of the columnar crystals.

Collection of Amethyst Cave

Amethyst is mostly produced in the form of amethyst caves, and small amethyst caves are also called cornucopia. The small amethyst caves are mostly circular or elliptical, and others are also irregular, mostly volcanic rock pores, which grow in this pore in the later stage. The large amethyst caves are several meters long and are mostly fissures and cavities generated by geological movement. In the later period, agate and amethyst are formed along the cave wall to form amethyst caves. The small spherical amethyst hole cut in the middle is the cornucopia, which is used for study furnishings. Some people use it for Feng Shui purposes.
The key point of the collection of Amethyst Cave is the shape. The shape of the appearance must be special, either very round or distinctive. The long amethyst on the wall of the cave should be dark purple in color, high in clarity, less impurity, and large in size and evenly arranged. If there is agate on the side, the texture should be nice. Carefully observe whether there are cracks in the appearance and cracks bonded with glue.

Crystal jewelry maintenance

  • Anti-friction and collision
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Anti-high temperature
  • Clean often
  • Play or wear often
Crystal pen holder
Crystal pen holder
Gemstone Flower For Home Decoration
Gemstone Flower For Home Decoration

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