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A Guide For Crystal Beginner

Top 10 basic crystals are selected by us for geginners of crystal fun. At the same time, this is also an article to guide novices how to use these crystals easily.

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For crystal beginner , understanding the most basic crystals will help them understand crystals more deeply. Although the list of people’s favorite crystals will change with life problems and energy needs, there are some crystals that I always recommend, especially for those who are just starting out. Some people own these crystals and often buy them in large quantities in order to carry them with them and distribute them to others. This makes their bags a little heavy, but they like to share the power of these basic crystals with others so that they can also benefit.

These are basic crystals for many purposes. They are also relatively easy to obtain. Most crystal stores will supply them in large quantities and are cheap and durable. You can choose crystals of the right size and shape, but what really matters is the basic characteristics of these crystals, not their size, shape, and appearance.

amethyst crystal point-4


Amethyst is a kind of quartz, the most common color is purple, but you will also find amethyst amethyst and yellow amethyst after heat treatment. Amethyst is derived from the Greek word amethysotrs in English, meaning not drunk, indicating that amethyst is traditionally used as a stone to prevent drunkenness. Amethyst brings peace on the journey and is related to the brow chakra where intuition lies. Many people use amethyst for other purposes, such as transforming negative energy, helping to solve the problem of insomnia and dreaminess, making it a valuable all-round crystal.

  • Origin: Brazil, Germany, Sri Lanka, Uruguay
  • Crystal structure: hexagonal crystal system
  • Shape: natural, pointed, clustered, geode, polished/polished, cut
  • Energy characteristics: zoom in
  • Color: violet to deep purple, green or yellow-purple
  • Chakras: brow chakra, crown chakra
  • Placement of spar: the brow chakra, above the crown chakra of the head, near the bed, and under the pillow.
  • Efficacy: intuition and insight, elimination of insomnia, safe travel, connection to spirituality, creativity, reduction of stress and anxiety, elimination of nightmares, elimination of addiction.
  • Matching crystal: citrine, white crystal
  • Tips for use: Use tape on the bottom of the bed, or put it on the bedside table, to help fight insomnia and remove nightmares, or to help remember dreams.
Black Tourmaline Point

Black tourmaline

I always carry black tourmaline with me to give it to others and help absorb the negative energy around me. Ancient warriors would use black tourmaline to drive away demons. In addition to absorbing negative energies and providing protection, black tourmaline also helps you to echo the earth’s energy and enhance your self-confidence. It also helps to purify the environment that contains a lot of negative emotional energy. If the black tourmaline is full of negative energy, it will break, then you can discard it and find a new one.

  • Place of Origin: Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, the United States
  • Crystal system structure: hexagonal crystal system
  • Shape: natural, in quartz, sanded/polished, cut
  • Energy characteristics: absorption
  • Color: black
  • Chakras: submarine chakras
  • Placement: Trouser pockets, near the sea chakra, beside the bed, between you and the source of negative energy.
  • Efficacy: spiritual protection, guarantee not to be affected by negative energy, groundedness, pressure release, and purification of negative emotions.
  • Matching crystal: white crystal
  • Tips for use: If you have a colleague who is overly negative, place a black tourmaline between you and that colleague.


Cornelian is a kind of chalcedony, belonging to the quartz family. Cornelian is associated with boldness and courage. Using this crystal can help overcome physical and emotional weakness, increase good luck and absorb wealth. Cornelian, as the stone of the umbilical chakra, also helps to strengthen the sense of self and ease excessive self-awareness. Cornelian is traditionally used to help singers and public speakers give sound strength and power.

  • Origin: Brazil, Iceland, India, Peru
  • Crystal system structure: hexagonal crystal system
  • Shape: natural, sanded/polished, cut
  • Energy characteristics: absorption
  • Color: brown-orange to red-orange
  • Chakras: red-orange-submarine chakra, orange, brown-manipura
  • Placement: at or near the belly button, near the sea chakra
  • Efficacy: Courage, security, willpower, determination, restoring enthusiasm for relationships, cultivating a healthy sense of self, focusing on the present, overcoming substance abuse problems, removing jealousy, and improving vitality.
  • Matching crystal: white crystal, malachite, agate
  • Tips for use: Wearing Cornelian to enhance vitality during fitness, or putting a piece of Cornelian on the table at work can help maintain vitality throughout the day.
Citrine Point


I have strategically placed citrine everywhere in my home, one because it is quite beautiful, and the other because it is powerful. You can find two types of citrine: naturally occurring citrine, and citrine made from heat-treated amethyst. Generally speaking, if the golden yellow of citrine is extremely transparent and full, it means that the stone is heat-treated amethyst. If you are not sure, ask before buying. Although heat-treated amethyst has similar characteristics with naturally occurring citrine, natural citrine often has more powerful energy.

  • Place of Origin: Brazil, Peru, Russia, the United States
  • Crystal structure: hexagonal crystal system
  • Shape: natural, clustered, in white crystal, polished/polished, cut
  • Energy characteristics: zoom in
  • Color: yellow
  • Chakra: Sun Chakra
  • Placement: Near the sun chakra, used as bracelets, rings and necklaces, in wallets and money boxes
  • Efficacy: Prosperity, self-esteem and self-image, creativity, promotion of generosity, promotion of clear thinking, strengthening and persistence of personal awareness, promotion of new beginnings.
  • Matching crystal: white crystal, amethyst
  • Tips for use: If you want to promote prosperity and development, put citrine at home. If you are running a business, you can put the topaz near the cash register.
Raw Clear Quartz Cluster P-S-B

Clear Crystal

Clear crystal is definitely the most versatile crystal. Clear crystal has always been the first crystal I recommend to buy, and it is also one of the crystals I often carry with me and give to others. Clear crystals are self-purifying crystals, and if you have large white crystal clusters, you can use them to purify other crystals. The white crystal can amplify the power of any crystal that matches it. You can use the tip of the white crystal to guide and amplify the energy of another crystal. The method is to place the flat end of the crystal on this crystal without touching the tip.

  • Origin: all over the world
  • Crystal structure: hexagonal crystal system
  • Shape: natural, pointed column, double pointed, clustered, geode, polished/polished, cut.
  • Energy characteristics: zoom in
  • Color: milky white to transparent
  • Chakras: top chakras and others
  • Placement: In any position, place it near the top chakra during meditation, and match other crystals in the crystal array to amplify their energy.
  • Efficacy: Amplify the characteristics of all other crystals, connect spirituality and higher consciousness, protect, purify, and amplify energy and thoughts, clarify thoughts and opinions, balance body, thinking, and spirit, and enhance concentration.
  • Matching: other kinds of crystals.
  • Tips for use: Use white crystal clusters to aim at other crystals for safe and effective purification. Place the smaller crystal on the white crystal cluster for 12 to 24 hours.
fluorite crystal point-4


Fluorite has many uses, some of which come from its color range, from light green to deep purple. The most widely used fluorite is iridescent fluorite, which has green, purple, pink, blue and aqua-green bands and other colors, so it is used in several chakras to reflect its colorful healing properties. Rainbow fluorite can promote the flow of energy between the chakras and help clear thinking. Fluorite is a relatively soft mineral, so it is prone to scratches and needs to be stored carefully.

  • Place of Origin: Australia, Brazil, China, the United States
  • Crystal structure: equiaxed crystal system
  • Shape: natural, crystal cluster, geode, grinding/polishing, cutting
  • Energy: Absorption
  • Color: water green, blue, transparent, green, pink, purple, yellow
  • Chakras: heart chakra, throat chakra, brow chakra, crown chakra
  • Placement: The upper four chakras are used as necklaces
  • Efficacy: balance and stabilize energy, connect body and soul, enhance intuition, enhance creativity, and maintain harmony
  • Matching: white crystal, amethyst, soda stone
  • Tips for use: Store separately from other crystals, because fluorite is easily scratched. Hold the fluorite and meditate, focusing on the balance.
Black Obsidian Pyramid


Hematite is a very beautiful stone. The black surface is shining with rainbow colors, like the oily surface of the water under the sun. Liu Guang is a stone that absorbs energy. It is an excellent choice when there is a lot of negative energy around. Hematite can also connect with the earth and calm the mind, so it is very suitable for use when you feel pressure. Hematite can also help you let go of the restrictions that you impose on yourself unknowingly.

  • Place of Origin: Brazil, Switzerland, United Kingdom
  • Crystal system: hexagonal crystal system
  • Shape: natural, sanded/polished, cut
  • Energy: Absorption
  • Color: dark gray, black
  • Chakra: Sea Chakra
  • Placement: Close to the sea chakra, wear it as a ring and bracelet, and put it on the table when you are engaged in stressful work.
  • Efficacy: absorb negative energy, balance energy, relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Matching: lapis lazuli, malachite
  • Tips for use: Hematite can absorb a lot of negative energy and continue to work, so it tends to break.
Rose Quartz Block

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a stone related to unconditional love, kindness and compassion. So rose quartz also helps forgiveness. Although the color of the heart chakra is green, pink stones like pink crystals are also closely related to the heart chakra. Rose quartz are very suitable for self-healing, especially when you are trying to heal the trauma caused by breakup, betrayal, or loss of a loved one. Rose quartz is a calm and peaceful stone that can help you feel connected to others and enhance the feeling of joy.

  • Place of Origin: Brazil, India, Japan, the United States
  • Crystal system: hexagonal crystal system
  • Shape: natural, pointed, clustered, polished/polished, cut
  • Energy: Amplify
  • Color: pink
  • Chakra: Heart Chakra
  • Placement: necklaces, bracelets and rings
  • Efficacy: sympathy, kindness, unconditional love, self-love, emotional healing, joy, peace
  • Matching crystals: white crystal, amethyst, cordierite, peridot
  • Tips for use: After the lover has quarreled, carrying pink crystals can help repair the relationship.
Black crystal 2

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is another universal crystal because it can transform negative energy into positive energy. People can use smoky quartz to balance the energy in the home, and because it has a strong influence on energy, it is of great benefit to carry it with them. When your environment is affected by a disaster, after cleaning up, you can arrange some smoky crystals around the environment to help purify related negative energies.

  • Origin: all over the world
  • Crystal system structure: hexagonal crystal system
  • Shape: natural, pointed, clustered, polished/polished, cut
  • Energy: Amplify
  • Color: light gray to brown
  • Chakras: submarine chakra, crown chakra
  • Placement: Put it in your pocket, near the bottom chakra and the crown chakra, wherever you feel negative energy
  • Efficacy: convert negative energy into positive energy, amplify positive energy, ground aura, connect all chakras, balance energy
  • Matching crystals: white crystal, citrine, amethyst
  • Tips for use: Put some smoky crystals around the room, so that all the energy around your residence will be transformed into positive energy.


Turquoise has profound symbolic significance for many ethnic groups and aboriginal tribes. In history, turquoise was one of the most popular stones for wizards and warriors. Turquoise has been used as a sacred stone all over the world since ancient times. There is a traditional belief that turquoise can protect knights from falling horses. People believe that it can enhance clear insight, spirituality, and personal and spiritual strength, and therefore cherish turquoise.

  • Origin: all over the world
  • Crystal system structure: triclinic system
  • Shape: natural, pointed, polished/polished, cut
  • Energy characteristics: absorption
  • Color: light blue to dark blue green
  • Chakra: Throat Chakra
  • Placement: As jewelry, put it near your throat during meditation and keep it in your pocket.
  • Efficacy: personal strength, good luck and prosperity, protect the safety of the journey, tell the truth, enhance power
  • Matching crystal: white crystal, agate
  • Tips for use: If your relationship is facing difficulties, you can place turquoise in the bedroom to promote harmony.

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