Factors Affecting Crystal Energy and Crystal Field

Different types of crystals correspond to different physical conditions. In this sense, there is no crystal with the strongest energy in the world, only the crystal with the energy most suitable for the individual’s current situation. The strength of the crystal energy is not only related to the size, quality, and experience of the crystal, but also to the userโ€™s attitude and spiritual practice level. Therefore, the energy of a crystal is not fixed, it is part of the innate. There are also acquired reasons. Taken together, the crystal energy is mainly related to the following factors. The mutual influence of these factors ultimately constitutes the strength of the crystal energy:

  1. Crystal Quality
  2. Crystal Weight
  3. Cutting and Polishing Method of Crystals
  4. Crystal Endowment
  5. Crystal Experiences
  6. Use Crystals Correctly
  7. Faith

Crystal Quality

Generally, the better the quality, the stronger the energy. That is, under the same conditions and comparison of the same kind, the more transparent and clear the crystal, the better the quality and the stronger the ability.

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Smoky Quartz

Crystal Weight

Larger crystals generally have stronger energy. This situation is the same as that of a person, usually a person who is larger and physically stronger has greater strength.

Amethyst Wand
Amethyst Wand

Cutting and Polishing Method of Crystals

The raw ore without any polishing or cutting is pure energy product, but for the beauty and convenience of carrying and wearing, people will cut, polish and engrave gemstones, usually along the growth direction of the crystal. The crystal jewelry energy is stronger.

Smoky Crystal
Smoky Crystal

Crystal Endowment

Some rare vision crystals have complex causes, and despite their relatively small size, they are very strange. Abnormal crystals with strange shapes are usually easy to find gems. Their functions vary from person to person, and even vary from time to time and place. Their performance is very special. Therefore, the function of this type of gemstone is really unpredictable. It is up to the owner to experience its beauty. Vision crystals are very unique, and probably no one but themselves knows what their mission is.

Amethyst Cluster H
Amethyst Cluster H

Crystal Experience

The experience of gemstones mainly comes from two aspects. One is the growth environment. Sometimes the extremely harsh production environment will lead to the special ability of the crystal; the second is the use environment. As it is repeatedly used to cure the same type of problem, the healing ability of the crystal will be Get faster promotion. Although a natural crystal may have many different uses, if the same gemstone solves a certain problem, it is best to use it to solve the same problem next time. Repeatedly, some of his functions will be strengthened in the process of being used and cured. Just like a doctor, with the richer treatment experience, he will be particularly good at treating certain types of diseases.


Use Crystals Correctly

Use the crystal bag correctly to expand purification, recharge, rest, etc. People who like crystals are more willing to regard crystals as meaningful individuals, so they will pay attention to purifying, recharging, and resting the crystals so that they can better maintain their good condition. There is no doubt that the better-maintained crystal will have more energy.


Crystal does not care what we believe in, but in an environment with traditional beliefs, crystals can remember, store and expand positive information such as fraternity, blessings, happiness, gratitude, luck, etc., so as to double the accumulation of crystal energy. Therefore, holding your beloved crystal reading book and reading the Bible is a very good way to purify and recharge.

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