Look at blemishes in gemstones rationally——Crystal Inclusions

The ancient Roman philosopher Pliny once said: “The whole world is contained in the tiny space of gems.” Those who truly understand and understand gems should look at the flaws in gems with an appreciation. In fact, the interior of each natural gemstone is a unique and beautiful landscape painting. Just like a master’s painting, some people can understand and enjoy it; some people can’t understand and are boring.

Raw Aquamarine Block S

People always hope that gems are as pure and flawless as possible, which is natural, because everyone wants their gems to be valuable, and purity is one of the important factors to measure the value of gems. However, you may not know that flaws are not necessarily a bad thing for gems, and sometimes they can also increase the value of gems.

Various imperfections in gemstones are collectively referred to as inclusions in professional terms. Like hairs in hair crystals, the green substances of green ghost crystals are all inclusions. Compared with pure and flawless crystals, these things are flaws, and it is these beautiful “blems” that make the crystal a higher value.

In the long process of gem growth, any environmental changes will leave permanent traces in the gem in the form of inclusions. Inclusions are the imprints of the environment in the gems, recording the growth experience of the gems. Therefore, various natural inclusions are the most powerful evidence of the naturalness of gems.

The growth of gems usually takes millions of years. Imagine how the natural environment where the gems are located can remain unchanged during this long period of time. Therefore, truly flawless natural gemstones cannot be said to be absolutely absent, but at least they are extremely rare. If you must pursue gems with no flaws, consider synthetic gems, because only a laboratory can provide a stable environment for the growth of gems.

Smoky Crystal Cluster

When pursuing the purity of gemstones, we must master a principle-too much is too late. For example, when choosing a white crystal bracelet, don’t look for those that are perfect for every bead, because the possibility of synthesis is quite high at this time. It’s best to pick those that look close in general, but the individual beads are slightly flawed when you look closely, and accept them happily and with confidence. The same is true for many other gemstones. As long as the flaws have no obvious effect on the appearance, they should be accepted, because these flaws not only prove the naturalness of the gemstone, but also make the gemstone unique and cannot be copied.

Blindly pursuing high clarity, there is a danger of falling synthetic gems at any time. It is possible to spend a lot of money to buy synthetic gems as high-quality natural gems. If you don’t like finished products, the best way to avoid buying synthetic gems is to find flaws that can prove the gem’s naturalness. However, it needs to be reiterated here that if it is not investment, but decoration, synthetic gems with high quality and low price are really a good choice.

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