Mysterious human energy field

The development of science allows us to observe the energy field of the human body and matter more and more directly. Kirlian photography is a photographic technique in which the photographic paper is in contact with the object, and the discharge image of the object is directly exposed to the photographic paper using high voltage. In 1939, the former Soviet technician Kirlian and his wife Fan Luntina accidentally discovered that photos taken with this technology could show the energy emission state of the electromagnetic field of the object and the human body. For the next 30 years, the Kirlians have been devoting themselves to researching electrophotography and jointly developing related equipment. Kirlian believes that the halo shown in the photo is caused by the bio-energy field, and this technology can capture the life energy state of the subject. The advantage of Kirlian’s photo is that it can identify the part of the body that is dysfunctional early, so that it can be treated early before it becomes a disease.

In 1978, the former Soviet Union began an experiment to study the energy field of the human body. Scientists have discovered that there is a weak electromagnetic field around everyone. The electrons in the air start to accelerate after entering the magnetic field, ionizing molecules in the air. As a result, everyone is covered by a halo that belongs to him but is invisible. Hooded.

At the end of the 20th century, an energy field analysis instrument developed using this principle came out. It can capture the aura of the human body more realistically, and experienced technicians can also judge the mood of the person at the time based on the color and structure in the aura photo. Model and high bottom of human body energy. Later, Dr. Peter Mandell of Germany also invented colored light acupuncture and a variety of color therapies.

With the deepening of research, people have discovered that the mineral energy of natural spar can bring stable color and light energy supplement to the electromagnetic field of the human body, thereby playing a role in regulating psychological conditions and curing diseases. Today we wear and use natural spar, not only to please the eyes, but also to replenish the magnetic energy of our body’s energy field and help us maintain the harmony and health of our body, mind, and spirit.

In addition to Kirlian camera technology that can capture the energy field of human bodies and objects, people with super-sensing ability can also feel or see the energy field. In the history of various countries, people with super-sensing ability, therapists, and spiritual masters have certain records of remarks on energy fields. Although we can recognize these words, we may not really understand the meaning between the lines. Fortunately, with the development of science and technology, many scientists and physicians have also joined the ranks of studying energy fields, allowing us to further understand our own secrets.

Imagine that there is an elliptical light ball covering us about 100 centimeters outside our body. If you open your arms and circle back and forth, it is probably its range. In fact, this is the range of our own energy field. The energy field glows on the outer edge of the body, like a big colored egg. Everyone has such an egg-shaped body, no one is exception. In fact, not only human beings have energy fields, but everything in the world, whether living or inanimate, has energy fields. Although the energy field is invisible and intangible, with a little attention or deliberate training, most people can see or feel the outer edge of the shallow gas outside the body.

According to the healer Rosalyn Bruyere, the energy field of the human body is derived from the creation of chakras. The chakra rotates rapidly to form its own energy body, which combines with the energy body generated by the chakra to generate an energy field. Generally speaking, the closer the energy is to the body, the greater the density, and the lower the frequency; the further you go, the lower the density, the higher the frequency. We exchange energies with our surroundings, and these energies enter the body through the chakras and nourish our spirit and body.

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