Blue smithsonite

Tranquility and elegance are the characteristics of magnesite. Like a quiet lake on the top of a mountain, like a lake at the end of a wilderness, like blue ice on a glacial cliff—the magnesite …

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Crystal jewelry purchase and collection

The purchase of jewelry must first determine the purpose of the purchase. The jewelry worn daily must match the consumer’s cultural circle, the grade should not be too high, and the variety and style must be recognized by the cultural zone. Jewelry occasionally worn on formal occasions should be elegant, and a set of jewelry is better.

The Rainbow Falling into the World –Tourmaline

If white crystal is the synthesis and implicitness of the color of the chakra, then tourmaline is the manifestation of the color of the chakra. Tourmaline is famous for its colorfulness. The beautifully colored tourmaline is like a rainbow falling into the world and is deeply loved by people.

The use of crystal in life

Silicon is ubiquitous in our lives, and it has contributed to the civilization that opened up the new century of mankind. So, as a natural form of silicon, what role can crystal play in our lives? Let us explore together below.

Beauty Around Us

There is no lack of beauty in life, but the eyes to discover beauty. Attitude determines everything. From WillingWoods

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