Psychological suggestion and crystal function

Scientists have confirmed that at the level of quantum mechanics, whether it is humans, crystals, minerals, animals, plants and other “materials” belonging to the category of human consciousness, in the final analysis are different manifestations of cosmic energy. When human and crystal are united on the spiritual level, a new energy balance can be developed. Some of this energy reintegration process is perceived by people, and this is probably the source of the crystal’s function.

People who have not been exposed to the mystery of crystals may think that the function of crystals is produced by psychological hints. However, the contradictory fact is that when a person is completely unprepared and has no subjective psychological factors such as evaluation, identification, hope, etc., it is often the easiest time to feel the crystal function. At this time, you can feel some parts of the body such as tingling, numbness, vibration, etc., and even some people will feel dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and lethargy inexplicably within a few days of wearing the crystal. normal situation. All kinds of reflections prove that the crystal and the aura of the human body are interacting and re-integrating. Before reaching a new balance, everyone will react differently, usually with a slight discomfort, but after that period of time (usually a few days), they will feel comfortable physically and mentally. If there is no personal experience, it is difficult for ordinary people to imagine that crystal is something with mysterious abilities, and those who have personally experienced crystal energy will not question the function of crystal.

Not all people can clearly feel the crystal function. Under normal circumstances, people with religious beliefs and those who have a natural affection for religion are more likely to accept the crystal function theory. People with religious beliefs usually have a more open mind about things they don’t understand. Because of their belief environment, they can understand some seemingly strange and strange phenomena, and can even find a satisfactory explanation from a religious perspective. People who don’t believe in the function of crystals naturally attribute all the coincidences or changes in life to psychological cues, which is understandable.

However, we cannot deny its existence because we subjectively classify the crystal function as a psychological suggestion. There is a saying in the medical profession: all medicines contain medicaments and placebos. May I ask, medical comfort therapy and placebo also use the effect of psychological suggestion to achieve the purpose of curing diseases. Isn’t this called medicine? Sometimes, a white lie can often save a person’s life. Isn’t this a miracle?

Psychological cues interact with crystal functions. For example: Facing a crystal, a Buddhist may not know the function of the crystal at first, but if he knows that the crystal is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, he will have a good impression of him; if he knows that the crystal has a “Bodhisattva stone”, With such elegant names as “Shining Stone”, the intimacy with it can be further improved, and after a long time, you may indeed feel the magical effect of crystal. In this process, it doesn’t matter whether the psychological hint or the crystal function is at work. The important thing is that the effect does exist.

When a cup of water and a handful of salt are placed separately, everyone knows which is water and which is salt; when salt is sprinkled into water, how can one tell which is water and which is salt? Bringing crystals into life is like throwing salt into water. Although it is not clear who is who, life will definitely change because of this. This kind of change may be in the immediate moment, or it may not be realized until many years later, when I suddenly look back.

We might as well put aside the dispute between crystal function and psychological suggestion. As long as we really like a crystal and feel comfortable and happy when wearing it, it is a beautiful encounter. Treating crystals well is also treating yourself well.

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