The flower representing the consummation of the earth-white crystal

What we call “white crystal” is actually not white, but colorless and transparent. Transparent and pure white crystal is a quartz crystal whose main chemical component is silica. As far as the entire crystal family is concerned, white crystals are the most widely distributed and the most numerous. The white crystal is crystal clear, similar to ice, but different from the coldness and unbearable approach of ice. It is the flower of the earth, light but not shining, gentle and moving. White crystal is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. It is called Mani Orb and Bodhisattva Stone. In addition, it has the elegant name of Thousand-Year Ice and Shining Stone.

In nature, white light is known as the mother of all lights. It is a composite of visible light such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple, representing balance and perfection. All rainbow lights are evolved and diffused from white light, which is the highest energy in the universe, so white crystal has the reputation of king of crystal. The higher the transparency of white crystals, the stronger the ability to gather aura. Pure and transparent white crystals have always been loved by crystal lovers and spiritual practitioners. Spiritual practitioners often use the pure light of white crystals to clear their own “black energy”, hoping to restore the brightness and purity of their nature.

White crystal can generate continuous and stable shock waves, dissolve the interference caused by undesirable magnetic fields, ensure the positive energy of the home and the owner’s magnetic field, and can also make people’s mind clear, enhance memory and understanding. For a long time, it symbolizes completeness, and the natural white crystal ball responsive to requests is a treasure of auspiciousness. The prophets always put a natural white crystal ball in front of them for channelling.

Placing white crystal clusters near computers, televisions, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances can reduce radiation and protect the human body from numerous electromagnetic waves. People who use the computer for a long time can put the white crystal cluster or crystal column next to the computer, which will play a good role in preventing radiation, keeping calm, and enhancing the ability to analyze and think. After work, you can place your keyboard hands on the white crystal clusters, allowing the pure aura of the natural white crystals to purify the negative information absorbed by your hands and stimulate the palm acupuncture points to achieve the effect of quickly restoring cell vitality.

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