The Rainbow Falling into the World –Tourmaline

If white crystal is the synthesis and implicitness of the color of the chakra, then tourmaline is the manifestation of the color of the chakra. Tourmaline is famous for its colorfulness. The beautifully colored tourmaline is like a rainbow falling into the world and is deeply loved by people.


  1. Introduction of Tourmaline
  2. The History of Tourmaline
  3. Basis for evaluating tourmaline
  4. Chakra corresponding to tourmaline
  5. Avoid manual injection
Pulm Turmaline Point

Introduction of Tourmaline

The English name of tourmaline is derived from the ancient Sinhalese word Turmali, which means mixed gem. Tourmaline is a commonly used name in the jewelry industry, and it belongs to the tourmaline family in mineralogy. Tourmalines are rich in colors, including colorless, rose red, pink, blue, green, yellow, brown, etc., among which cerulean and bright rose red are top grades. Among the multicolor tourmalines, the watermelon tourmaline with matching red and green is the most precious and most popular.

The History of Tourmaline

It is said that on a warm summer in 1703, several children were playing voyagers in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and brought them back to the stone. Suddenly a child noticed that the dust and grass clippings near the stones had been sucked in. The child was very surprised, so he asked his parents to see it, and he found that this kind of stone can attract and repel light objects, such as dust and grass clippings. Therefore, the Dutch call this kind of stone a limestone. It was not until 1968 that the famous Swedish scientist Linnes discovered that tourmaline had piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity, that people gradually accepted and adopted the current name-tourmaline.

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Basis for evaluating tourmaline

Tourmaline is evaluated and purchased based on color, transparency and weight: transparency is better, the surface has glass luster, and internal inclusions and cracks are less. Tourmaline is brittle, so you should avoid collision when wearing it.

Chakra corresponding to tourmaline

The color of tourmaline is changeable, and even contains multiple colors in the same spar, and its natural transition is like a chakra. Therefore, in addition to watermelon tourmaline which specifically corresponds to the heart chakra, tourmaline corresponds to the chakra Usually it is omnidirectional. Wearing tourmaline helps to purify the chakra energy of the whole body and achieve a new harmony. It is said that his energy can also change with temperature, which greatly helps the blood circulation of the body.

Avoid manual injection

It is worth noting that the tourmalines whose colors have been changed by artificial glue injection are like “mummies”. Although they may be more crystal clear and more beautiful in color, they lose their natural vitality and cannot be recognized for spiritual use to a certain extent.

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