The use of crystal in life

Silicon is ubiquitous in our lives, and it has contributed to the civilization that opened up the new century of mankind. So, as a natural form of silicon, what role can crystal play in our lives? Let us explore together below.


  1. Modern Equipment
  2. Decoration
  3. Collection
  4. Enhancing aura
  5. To ward off evil spirits and ward off evil spirits
  6. Cosmetology and medical treatment
  7. Spiritual practice, meditation
  8. Keep calm and improve judgment
  9. Crystal pillow
Amazonite Point
Amazonite Point

Modern equipment

Since the late 1940s, scientists have widely used crystal chips in various electronic equipment such as radios, televisions, and computers. When we use these electronic devices, we unknowingly work and live with Crystal.


The decorative function of crystal is one of the most primitive and basic functions of crystal. Natural crystals have different colors, rich varieties, various inclusions in various prices, and all kinds of levels, which can satisfy people with different needs, different levels, and different hobbies.


As a kind of gem with a high degree of recognition in the market, although crystal has entered thousands of households in the form of ornaments and handicrafts, there is no doubt that natural crystal has already been regarded as a kind of collection and culture with traditional aesthetic characteristics. Stone is loved and collected by more and more people of insight. Collectible crystals are usually rare, high-quality and exquisite craftsmanship.

Raw Clear Quartz Cluster P-S-B
Raw Clear Quartz Cluster P-S-B

Enhancing aura

The human body has an aura, crystals also have an aura, and the houses where people live also have an aura. The aura of crystal is stable, strong and pure. People often use crystal to improve the aura of houses.

To ward off evil spirits and ward off evil spirits

Staying in Emerson hotels, hotels, or going in and out of funeral homes and other places with strong negative information due to travel, business trips, or going out, etc., you can wear crystals to resist spirituality and play a role in warding off evil.

Cosmetology and medical treatment

Massage with beauty sticks, scraping boards and other beauty and medical equipment made of natural crystals can promote blood circulation, relieve symptoms, and inject external energy. It can more effectively promote the microcirculation of the human body. Tense, painful muscles have a soothing and calming effect.

Kyanite Flame
Kyanite Flame

Spiritual practice, meditation

Use the crystals that gather the essence of heaven and earth to help calm the mind and meditate, adjust your energy field, so as to achieve harmonious unity and synchronous operation with the universe, and enhance your spirituality with the entire human society.

Keep calm and improve judgment

Arranging natural crystal jewelry in the cab of the car is not only beautiful, but also keeps the driver’s mind clear, and also has the effect of warding off evil and blocking the brakes. Placing crystal products on the office desk can promote thinking, improve work efficiency, and gather popularity and positive energy.

Crystal pillow

The use of crystal pillow can have a soothing and calming effect, and has a certain effect on the treatment of irritability, insomnia, mental depression, headache, and neurasthenia. Crystal pillows can also help people clear deep-seated negative emotions during sleep, inspire higher-level and foreshadowing dreams, and make people feel refreshed, happy and confident to spend every day. Tip: You can also put your beloved crystal under the pillow.

Wonderful moment of egret fishing
Wonderful moment of egret fishing

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