Tips For Cleaning and Recharging Crystals

Clean the crystal and let it heal us in the best state.

Some people buy crystals for crystal healing. It can connect our body, spirit and soul. Because crystals have magnetic fields, different magnetic fields of different crystals have different effects.

Crystals absorb and release magnetic fields in different environments, and also change the original magnetic field due to the strong magnetic field of the surrounding environment. Therefore, we need to clean and magnetize the crystal regularly to restore its essential magnetic field, which is the crystal in its natural state.

Below are some common crystal cleaning methods. You can also check the specific cleaning method of each crystal in crystal meaning.

Smoky Citrine
Smoky Citrine

Ways of Cleaning Crystals

  1. Salt water

Salt water can absorb negative energy and magnetic fields. Put a spoonful of sea salt into the container and pour in the right amount of water to make sure that the entire crystal can be submerged.

Cleaning method: Put the crystals in salt water and soak overnight.

Duration: 24 hours

Applicable gems: hard stones

Inapplicable gems: soft gems, such as nitrite

  1. Tap water

Flowing water can take away the negative energy of the gem’s magnetic field. Natural water such as river water is best. Tap water can also be used.

Method: Rinse the gems under running water.

Duration: 2 minutes

Applicable stone: hard stone

Inapplicable stone: soft stone

  1. Natural light

Natural light is a natural electromagnetic wave. These continuous electromagnetic waves can magnetize gemstones while taking away negative energy.

Method: first clean the spar with running water, and then put the gem in the sun.

Duration: half a day

Applicable stones: most gems

Unsuitable stones: stones that are easy to fade (some stones will chemically react with minerals in the sun to change the color. Such as malachite)

  1. Rice

Rice can absorb the negative energy of gems and is very useful for maintaining the natural magnetic field of spar.

Method: Put the rice in a container to make sure there are no gems. Put the gems in the rice.

Duration: one night

Applicable stones: all gems.

  1. Wormwood aromatherapy, etc.

Aromatherapy such as wormwood can absorb the negative energy of the magnetic field and return the gem to its natural state.

Method: Click on the aromatherapy and surround the gemstones in the aromatherapy.

Duration: one minute

Applicable stones: all stones

  1. Sound

The psychic sound is also a positive band, which can magnetize gems. The sound of a specific frequency can resonate with the gemstone and return the spar to its natural state.

Method: Knock a quartz bowl with a specific frequency and place the crystal around it.

Duration: 10 minutes

Applicable stones: all stones

7, Large Crystals

Large quartz clusters have sufficient energy and can be used as cleaning tools for small gems.

Method: Put small pieces of gems in large quartz clusters.

Duration: one night

Applicable stones: all stones

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Frequency of gem cleaning

It is cleaned about once a month. If you feel the gems need to be cleaned, you can clean them at any time.

The Meaning of Cleaning Crystals

Gem cleaning is the process of removing negative energy and magnetic field from the gem, and at the same time magnetizing the gem. Crystal cleaning can return the crystal to its natural state and make the crystal better serve us.

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