What color tourmaline is the most valuable

Tourmaline is a well-known gem species second only to precious gems, and is the most valuable of all common semi-precious stones. It is a borosilicate with a very complex composition. The mine is called tourmaline. It will generate static electricity after being heated and rubbed, and it can adsorb small objects. This is why tourmaline always has the most dust on the surface of all kinds of jewellery under the spotlight in the counter. In the folks, tourmaline is also called a “wish stone”. It is said that it can help the owner to achieve a wish, and you can improve interpersonal relationships.

Some people have heard of or bought tourmaline, and think tourmaline is a kind of crystal, but in fact they are two completely different gems. The value of tourmaline is much higher than that of crystal, and it has appreciated rapidly in the international market in recent years. The prices of the various colors are almost as high as high-end gems. I believe that with the accumulation of people’s knowledge of gemstones, tourmalines will gradually become a popular object.

The color of tourmaline is extremely rich, probably the one with the most color changes among all gemstones, so it has the elegant name of “all kinds of styles”. In addition to a variety of single colors, tourmalines often appear bi-color or even multi-color, the most special one is the watermelon tourmaline that appears red and green at the same time. High-quality two-color tourmalines currently sell for a few hundred dollars per carat in the international market.

Among the many colors of tourmaline, red has always been the favorite color, especially the pure red like ruby, which is very popular. This ruby-colored tourmaline has a special word in English called rubylite, ruby ​​is ruby, and rubilite refers to a tourmaline that has the same red color as a ruby. However, rubilite often has poor clarity, with many blemishes and even cracks. Even so, in business, the price of rubilite is much higher than that of red tourmalines with better clarity but with an incorrect hue. At present, its international selling price is equivalent to that of watermelon tourmalines with good clarity.

However, rubilite is not the most precious of all tourmalines. The most precious is the now famous Paraiba tourmaline. This is a kind of tourmaline produced in Minradabaseja, Paraíba, Brazil, and it is only 20 years old since its discovery. The miners didn’t know exactly what they were looking for, but with firm belief, they were convinced that the hills of Paraíba must be buried with completely different gems. After nine years of unremitting efforts, a beautiful tourmaline that people have never seen before was brought out from the dark mine tunnel. It presents a swimming pool-like blue, unusually bright, and even a small one can shine in all directions.

Paraiba tourmaline has conquered countless knowledgeable gem lovers with its unique beauty, and it has become famous in a short time and has become the new favorite of people competing for collection. The top Paraiba tourmalines sell for tens of thousands of dollars per Clark in the international market. This price is much higher than many precious gems.

However, it is precisely because the color of tourmaline is so rich that some friends think it is tourmaline as long as they see colorful bracelets in the market. This is very wrong, there are many colorful things, and the price difference is also very big. A tourmaline bracelet costs at least a few hundred dollars, and the quality is more than a thousand or even tens of thousands. If you only use a few dozen to buy a colorful bracelet, it is absolutely impossible to be a tourmaline.

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