Crystal Care

Care is mutual.

Give the crystal a perfect appearance at all times,

and the crystal will give you more energy.

Clean Crystal

There may be reasons why the crystal needs to be cleaned. When you use a crystal, whether it is you or someone else, the crystal absorbs energy from you, others, and the environment. In appearance, it may be dusty and dull. You will clearly see when you need to clean the crystals-when they lose their luster, decrease in brightness, or even fade. When the crystal needs to be cleaned, it may feel sticky to the touch.

Good energy and bad energy

The crystal will naturally collect the energy of the environment in which it is located. Any traditional method of cleaning the crystal, whether it is solarization or living water purification, can remove the excess energy absorbed by the crystal. This energy is not needed at the moment.

We often want to define whether energy is good or bad, but there is actually no difference between the two: energy is energy, unjudgeable. Native Americans used obsidian to decorate the arrows used for hunting. At the same time, the healer also suggested putting obsidian on the stomach to relieve abdominal pain; the ancient Greeks used beautiful white crystal balls to prevent wound infection, but if you put the white crystal balls directly In the sun, the same energy can burn your house down. Therefore, don’t worry about whether your crystals are born with good and bad energy. What they have is energy itself, and purified crystals can build energy and prepare them to start healing.

Mushroom Agate Ornament

Remove dust

Dust may accumulate on the crystal, and the electrostatic charge of the dust will affect the special energy characteristics of the crystal. Compared with purified crystals, dusty crystals are less effective in use. At the same time, dust also blocks light, reducing the number of photons that the crystal can concentrate. If you want to remove dust, you can use a soft brush to brush gently. Makeup brushes and small brushes are ideal choices. Clean the dust regularly to avoid accumulation.

Cleaning methods

You can put the crystal in a bowl filled with water and a little mild detergent, and then gently wipe it under the water flow to restore the crystal’s brightness. Let your crystals air-dry naturally, or pat them lightly with a soft cloth. Here are other traditional methods of cleaning crystals. If your crystals dissolve in water, don’t choose the cleaning method that requires water.

Living water: Hold the crystal and stay in the flowing water for a few minutes. If the crystal has been used frequently recently or has not been cleaned for a while, it may need to stay longer.

Sunlight: Put the crystals in the sun, you can also dry them in the sun after washing the crystals. Please note that the white crystal will concentrate the radiant energy of the sun, which may cause flames. Pay special attention, regardless of the length of time, do not place quartz crystals in the sun without being noticed, and do not place flammable materials around them.

Moonlight: Place the crystal under the moonlight, especially on the day of the full moon or new moon.

Smoke: Let the smoke of burning frankincense, sandalwood, and sage surround your crystal, or you can use a whole bunch of vanilla bunches to do it.

Soil: Bury your crystal in the soil for one to two weeks, or one to two months. Bury it on the day of the full moon and take it out on the day of the new moon.

Crystal Purification: Place the crystal in amethyst geode, quartz crystal cluster or geode.

Sound: Use chanting, drumming or Tibetan chanting bowls, and touch bells to remove unwanted vibrations from crystals.

Breath or light: Expose the crystal to your breath or light. You can also practice exhalation on the crystal.

Crystal Flowers
Quartz Bird Ornament For Decoration

Prepare exclusive space

Preparing an ideal space for the use of crystals is both useful and interesting. Creating a sheltered, sacred space in your home can make your collaboration with Crystal feel particularly meaningful, meaningful and ritual. You can find an independent space or find an area in a large room as a fixed crystal space. Or, you can create this space when you need it, and then pack it up after use.

Crystal Placement

Take a moment to prepare your space, starting by emptying out the things you don’t need in this space and area. Make a list of the things that are important to you, and then choose the crystals that each represents. You will naturally find that you need a larger crystal for one thing, but you need a smaller crystal for another thing. Put the crystal in the place you think fits in this space, remember that this is your own space! Choose some relaxing music, light a few candles, and then sit quietly for a while. This special space exists for you and the crystal.

Crystal of exclusive space

Here are some crystals that are suitable for placing in your unique space:

  • Amethyst: Very relaxing and calm, but very spiritual energy.
  • Citrine: bring fun, happiness and joy.
  • Peridot: it can remove emotional obstacles and lead to release unwanted things and situations in your life. It is very suitable for purification, or to give you motivation to clean up unnecessary and unwanted things.
  • White crystal: Bring energy into space.
  • Rose Quartz: Let love flow.
  • Zinc mine: It can create a healing environment, suitable for any type of healing space.
Crystal Flowers Ornaments
Crystal Flowers Ornaments

You will often work with the same crystal to achieve specific results, and you and this crystal will become more adept at it. Just like learning anything, practice makes perfect. Some crystals have some involvement in each field, while others focus on being good at specific jobs or meeting specific needs.

If you choose a crystal and hope to use it to improve a specific problem, activating the crystal can make the effect even better.

Start crystal

Once you choose the crystal and decide which direction you want it to help you, take some time to connect with him. Look at the crystal and pay attention to its shape, color and luster. Hold it in your hands, close your eyes, and feel all about it. Pay attention to its smoothness, flatness, sharpness and corners. Accept the feelings that all the crystals give you. This may be the touch felt by your hands or the subtle feelings that emerge from the depths of your heart. Take the crystal close to the ear and listen to it. Most people can hear the physical vibration of the crystal. If your water dispenser does not have crystal contraindications, you can try it with your tongue. Finally, you use your sense of smell to explore your crystals deeply. Many people can feel different tastes in different crystals.

Focus on the purpose of crystal

Now hold the crystal in your hand and focus your mind on what you want the crystal to do. Sit quietly and imagine your mind reaching the deepest part of the crystal for 5 to 10 minutes.

Crystal Garden

Store The Crystal

Large crystals are for display purposes, and they can be safely placed on a stable shelf. For small, fragile crystals, we can carefully store them in multi-compartment plastic containers, away from damp places. Some crystals will fade when exposed to the sun, so they must be placed out of light, or if you display them, remember to place them in windows away from sunlight.

Crystal that fades in the sun

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