Crystal Carvings

Looking for that innocence

The lovely sculptures of crystal gems are lifelike, and the texture of the gems is revealed, reflecting the characteristics of various creatures, such as appearance colors. At the same time, it is not a completely reproduced handicraft, but a combination of the attributes of carved creatures and the attributes of crystals. The carvings with the energy of crystal gems are really lovely.

Amethyst Pyramid

Lifelike carvings

Whenever I see these crystal gem animals, I feel inexplicably cordial and innocent. As if they were given life, playing in that paradise. Both adults and children will be touched by their appearance. I think this may be our own resonance with them, because of the innocence.

Amazonyte H

Ideas of crystal gemstone carvings

Collect the elephant family, or the polar bear, and put them on a table, which is their Garden of Eden. Give it as a gift to children, I think they will like it. Putting a green agate frog in our small garden will definitely add a lot of color to the garden. There are many more ideas, let’s use our brains to imagine together

Amethyst Cluster Heart

A child’s gem of enlightenment

A crystal sculpture can enlighten children to recognize this animal, and can also enlighten children to recognize this stone. Whether wandering in the animal world or exploring the geographic world, our children are becoming more interested in and understanding of our planet.

Agate Pig Figurine

The elves of the secret garden

Our little garden is pleasant enough, so many plants are growing silently. Plants are also alive. I like trees the most. They take root in the soil, absorb nutrients, absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide on the soil surface, and produce oxygen. What a meaningful cycle. But how can there be no small animals in the plant kingdom? Let’s put in the crystal gem carvings, they are the guardian spirits of the little ecology.

Agate Geode Star

For Decoration

The exquisite crystal handicraft carvings will attract people’s attention wherever they are placed. In the spatial layout, it is very suitable as a focal point of the space. Of course, in a three-dimensional space, depth of field and level are all factors that we must consider when designing a space. Coupled with the uniqueness of color, we can easily arrange a harmonious space.

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Agate Moon Elf

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