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Crystal Chakras

The crystal has a strong connection with the 7 chakras. When we deeply explore the mystery of the 7 chakras, we will also have a deep understanding of crystals.

What Are Crystal Chakras?

The Concept of Subtle Body

The concept of subtle body originated in ancient India, and is basically the same as the principle of aura theory, and has been adopted by many alternative medical methods. The subtle body is related to the physical body and transcends the physical body. The subtle body is a systematic network of imperceptible channels, that is, meridians, through which the energy elements of life are transported. The operation of our physical, spiritual and mental parts depend on the smooth transport of vital elements to all parts of the subtle body. If the vital element is not flowing smoothly due to the blockage of the meridians, or on the contrary, the excessive flow will result in symptoms of the body, uneasy mind and mental instability. Identifying and correcting inappropriate energy patterns will help the body restore balance and release stress And repair the trauma.


The Chakras From Subtle Body

We can optimize the flow of vital elements by influencing the main receiver and distributor of healthy energy of the subtle body, which is called chakra. There are seven main points on our body, which are distributed in a line from the top of the head to the bottom of the tail vertebrae. Each chakra controls the corresponding body, mind, and soul. When everything is running normally, each chakra vibrates according to frequency, each corresponding to a rainbow spectrum color. Failure of one chakra will affect several other chakras, so it is important to maintain the energy balance of the entire body system.

Balancing the chakras is the key to crystal therapy. We can use the vital energy of the crystal to supply each chakra. Under normal circumstances, placing the same stone of the appropriate color in each chakra position can balance the energy of the entire body system in one minute. This is by no means the only way to use crystals and chakra points for treatment, but most of the time, this is indeed a very effective method.

Chakras Info

Crown Chakra ​

Chakra Color: Purple
Chakra Position: Top of Head
Chakra Benefits: Collectiveness, continuity, sense of belonging and relaxation

Frontal Chakra

Chakra Color: Indigo
Chakra Position: Forehead Center
Chakra Benefits:Vision, understanding, insight, perspective, imagination and intuitive judgment

Throat chakra​

Chakra Color: Bright Blue
Chakra Position: Buttom of Throat
Chakra Benefits: Communication, expression, energy exchange, peace and understanding

Heart Chakra​

Chakra Color: Green
Chakra Position: Chest Center
Chakra Benefits: Personal potential, control, understanding, digestion, survivability, integrity and confidence

Solar Plexus Chakra​​

Chakra Color: Yellow
Chakra Position: Between Belly Buttom and Diaphragm 
Chakra Benefits: Collectiveness, continuity, sense of belonging and relaxation

Sacral Chakra

Chakra Color: Orange
Chakra Position: Bellow the belly buttom
Chakra Benefits: Creativity, inquiry, inspiration, happiness, lust, flow, repair and enjoyment

Root chakra ​

Chakra Color: Red
Chakra Position: Base of the spine(Usually place the gems between the knees or the thighs)
Chakra Benefits: Energy, positivity, rootedness, practicality, life needs and groundedness

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