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Decorate our home with crystals, make the home fashionable, beautiful, warm, style and style. Our home is a place that gives us happiness, it gives us energy, warmth and courage. We have to arrange our home well and make it our warm harbor. We first decorate our home with love, then our home will give back to us love.

Crystal decoration has become a trend. Crystal decoration can create a relaxed, cheerful, pleasing and energetic atmosphere. And this atmosphere can relax us after a busy day and give us vitality for a new day. These crystals are not only beautiful and rare, but also full of various energy, which can unconsciously regulate our body and make it healthier. At the same time, it enhances our spirit and makes our spiritual life more positive and optimistic. In addition, I think that crystals can also absorb the negative energy around you. If your day is bad, let the crystals absorb the negative emotions and bring you a brand new day.

Kyanite Flame
Kyanite Flame

Design With Crystals For Home

Crystal decoration is a laborious task, it requires us to use our own design quality to complete the decoration of our home. For example, how to layout the living room decoration, how to match colors, how to choose styles, etc. If we want to have a warm and stylish decoration atmosphere, the preliminary design work takes a lot of effort.

Pink Tourmaline Point P-S-A
Pink Tourmaline Point P-S-A
Sunstone Point
Sunstone Point

The decoration of crystals does not necessarily require us to decorate every corner with crystals, but according to our design philosophy, arrange suitable crystal ornaments in a certain space to play a finishing touch. Of course, the overall design needs to be harmonious, taking into account our main design philosophy. We believe that after this painstaking work, the future results will be amazing.

Interior Decoration Styles with Crystals

The styles of interior decoration are varied, modern, retro, minimalist, traditional, etc. Setting a design concept according to our own preferences seems to cater to our hearts. Of course, we can also combine the two styles to create our ideal atmosphere.

  • Modern style
    The modern style is extremely simple, marked by a variety of bright lines, simple colors and materials, and most of the materials are glass, steel, etc.
  • Industrial style
    As the name suggests, the concept of industrial style is taken from warehouses and factories. Various exposed walls, pipes, and wood match the tall space, giving a strong industrial style.
  • Traditional style
    Traditional decoration is famous for its rich ornaments and luxurious furniture. With a variety of exquisite ornaments and utensils, the noble and elegant feeling immediately hits the surface.
  • Transitional style
    The transitional style is to blend several styles naturally while maintaining the independence of each space style. This style is extremely popular now.
  • Pink Tourmaline Point P-S-A
  • Raw Clear Quartz Cluster P-S-B
  • Fluorite Sphere P-S-A
  • Rose Quartz Cluster G-S-A
  • Raw Clear Quartz Cluster R-S-B
  • Raw Clear Quartz Cluster R-A
  • Raw Crystal Cluster A
  • Clear Quartz Craft

Some Popular Crystals in Home Decoration

  1. Amethyst
    Amethyst is elegant, solemn and energetic, can demagnetize and release positive energy. Compared with home decoration, amethyst is small, but such a small amethyst is enough to change the aura of the whole family.
  2. Rose Quartz
    Rose quartzl is the spar of love. It represents love and being loved. The exciting energy radiated by the rose quartz makes the whole home decoration atmosphere full of passion and warmth. At the same time, pink crystals can eliminate negative energy. After all, who is angry in front of love?
  3. Nitrite
    Nitrite often plays a moderating role. In home decoration, he can play the role of calming various atmospheres and creating a peaceful space.
  4. Obsidian
    Obsidian is a guardian stone that can help us eliminate negative emotions and balance our hearts. At the same time, it will also create a solemn atmosphere for our home improvement.

Crystals And Color In Decoration

To a certain extent, properties such as chemical composition, crystal structure, crystal shape, hardness and luster may gather the energy of crystal, but only color is the key to crystal treatment. We all value the decorative effect of color, but forget that it represents a real power-the energy level of light of different colors. This energy can stimulate the brain, change the way we think and perceive, and our physical health.

Our reaction to colors is instinctive and cannot be controlled, but if we perceive the effects of each color, we will understand why certain specific crystal stones have a strong attraction to us, thus helping us in Choose the right crystal under different circumstances. The crystal has more than one color. This is due to the mixing of other elements in the crystal, which changes the crystal structure and thus the color we see.

Basic Colour Qualities

Black ——Suitable for background




Green —— Balanced

Blue —— Easy to communicate

Indigo —— Cold

Purple —— Integrated

Pink —— Acceptable

White —— Clean

Colourless —— Pure

Crystal Decor Ideas

In modern decoration, the soft elements will make the whole environment look clean and transparent. At the same time, natural elements can also play a role in alleviating various tones, thereby creating a tranquil atmosphere. It is a hot trend to use natural elements such as crystals and other gems to decorate our homes. This style brings us more fresh and natural, simple and elegant feeling.

Gemstone Decoration Ideas That Give You A Touch of Glamour

Crystal and gemstone decorations ideas to add an upscale look.

  1. Amethyst Clusters Candle holders
  2. Natural Clear Quartz Chandelier
  3. Agate Slices Drawer Handles
  4. Gemstone Picture Frames
  5. Gemstone Frames Makeup Mirrors
  6. Geode Book Shelfs
  7. Gemstone Base Table Lamp
  8. Crystal Flowerpot
  9. Crystal Wind Chimes
  10. Amethyst Geode Base Coffee Table
  11. A corner of the table top decorated with crystals
  12. Amethyst Geode Washbasin
  13. Gemstone Bowl
  14. Table Decorated With Crystals
  15. Crystal Salt light
  16. Crystal and Gemstone Collection in Gemstone Bowl
  17. Crystal and Gemstone Terrarium
  18. Natural Stone On Washbasin
  19. Plants Growing on Gemstones
  20. Crystal Collection and Show Shelves

The Ideas to Refresh Your Space

  • Create a crystal gallery wall
  • go for large-scale crystal stone to decorate on room
  • hange crystals on living room wall
  • install crystal showcase shelf
  • hang raw crystal stone chandelier

Crystal Show Box

From Here, Inspire Yourself.

Those Delightful Decorations

Questions about Crystal Decor

How to keep the space decoration closely following fashion trends?

We can arrange some small elements, such as photo frames, coasters, lights and other small objects to introduce the most cutting-edge fashion. In order to verify whether these new elements are in harmony with our large space design.

How to style the crystal gallery?

When you design a crystal gallery, the most important thing is to be patient. We must first think about the main color of our gallery to match the color of the entire space. Then determine the color of the gallery. The color of the gallery is mainly composed of the gallery frame and the color of the gem, we can confirm the color of the gem first. Because the color change of the gemstone is not very flexible, the color of the gallery border is optional. After confirming these colors, we can start making the crystal gallery. After all, good things need time.

What kind of artwork to choose to match our space design?

Generally, decorative elements such as artworks belong to the ten percent in the 60-30-10 rule, which is also accent elements. From the perspective of color matching, we will try to choose one-third of the main color and one-sixth of the auxiliary color as part of the color saturation, and we can freely match the others. This kind of color matching will naturally match the overall color of the space, while highlighting the role of the focal color.

How to make a master crystal collection

As long as we work hard and follow the tips on this page, such as the 60-30-10 rule, we can make good works. After all, this is the crystallization of our thoughts and a way to express our inner thoughts. After a while, we may have better ideas and can upgrade our work at any time. In this process, we not only promoted the space design to maintain its avant-garde, but also sublimated ourselves. Doing things by yourself and following your heart is a great joy in life.

Tips for Decorating with Crystals

Match colors in interior design

60-30-10 Rules

60% main color

The main color is about 60% of the main color used in the design. The floor and wall are the main elements of the main color. The main color can also cover some other elements with a large area. The prominent main color runs through the entire room and is a stable and qualitative color.

30% secondary color

Auxiliary colors are also secondary colors, generally accounting for 30% of the color scheme. The main function of the auxiliary color is to highlight the main color. Generally, half of the color saturation of the main color is used as the color ratio of the auxiliary color. In addition, it can generally be set according to your preferences. This kind of color and design can not only smoothly transition with the main color, but also have a sharp contrast with the main color, while adding a lot of vitality and spatial depth to the overall color sense.

10% accent color

The accent color is the accent color, the prominent color. Generally, one-third of the auxiliary color and one-sixth of the main color are used to modulate the color. The other colors are according to our preference. The main function of the accent color is to highlight the bright colors, making the overall spatial color matching more interesting and spatially prominent. Usually, people’s first attention is captured by the accent color.

Crystals come in various colors. We can use crystal as one of the accent color elements to match the color of the entire space. In this way, the crystal decoration will not appear abrupt, and at the same time it will add a lot of color to the space.

Let the crystal color blend harmoniously into the space

Pay attention to the color matching in the home decoration, so that the crystal spontaneously blends into the space.

Designate A Focal Point

When people walk into a space for the first time, the first place they fall is the focal point of the space. The luxurious large fireplace, large crystal lamps, and large murals in the living room can all be used as the focal point of the space. The focal point of the space can produce cohesion for the overall design, which is the ten percent accent color.

Making crystal jewelry the focal point of the space is both fashionable and upscale. No one can refuse the beautiful appearance of crystal, and it can also transmit positive energy to us.

Balance function and beauty

In the space layout, we must take into account both functional elements and decorative elements. Too many functional elements will make the whole space seem monotonous; while too many decorative elements will make the space dazzling. Balancing functional elements and decorations will make our space practical, interesting and dynamic.

Avoid Similarities

Putting too many similar things together can also make people feel tedious, unless this is your special display area. Arrangement of various colorful accessories will appear lively and energetic.

Incorporate Crystals Into Your Home

Let crystal decorate our space, let crystal decorate our mood, let crystal give us warmth and strength.

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