Crystal Energy

Change to be better with crystal energy.

The crystal is mostly collected from the depths of the earth and there are many varieties. Since ancient times, crystal has provided us with effective methods to improve our mental state and improve the quality of life.

The function of the crystal is incredible. They can be widely used to improve people’s physical, mental, and emotional states. We cannot simply measure the impact of crystal energy on you through personal experience. What matters is your personal experience of crystal energy.

Ocean Jasper Flame

The Aura

All living objects have a so-called aura-an energy field surrounding the organism. The aura is composed of different levels, and they cannot be perceived by our body organs, but only by the consciousness within the body. Every aspect of the aura is the same. Problems that arise in one level usually affect other levels, until this imbalance spreads to the entire aura and related parts of the body, and then manifests as a state of pain and disease. Crystal therapy can quickly clean up these subtle sources of problems, just like cleaning glass regularly to let a lot of light into the room. The various types of aura are often described as concentric cortex like onions. In fact, the thinnest outer layer is also related to other layers and intertwined with the flesh.

Levels of The Aura

Etheric Body

The etheric body is the closest to the body, acting as the outer contour of our body, and showing an unbalanced state when problems can be found at the body level.

Emotional Body

This level is like psychological perception. Our ever-changing emotions are like rich colors. This level is easy to clean and maintain balance with crystals.

Mental Body

A framework that carries our ideas, beliefs, and experience, where stress can lead to mental stereotypes and prevent us from achieving our goals.

Astral Body

A dividing line between daily consciousness and spiritual essence. At this level, if there is an imbalance, the symptoms are usually confusion, fear, and paranoia.

Spiritual Body

This subtle class is more difficult to define. They give us universal energy and help us achieve our ultimate achievement.

What Is Crystal Energy?

crystal energy is the good effect that crystal give us through their positive frequency. Crystal continually emit frequency and electromagnetic waves, they can effect the electromagnetic field of human bodies. Because of the special frequency the crystal emit, they have positive effects on our electromagnetic field. Our electromagnetic field will be more and more positive if we are close to crystals as long as possible. This is the reason why lots of people love crystals so much, and we can see that those who stay with crystals are so energetic.

The Subtle Body and Chakra

The concept of subtle body originated in ancient India, and is basically the same as the principle of aura theory, and has been adopted by many alternative medical methods. The subtle body is related to the physical body and transcends the physical body. The subtle body is a systematic network of imperceptible channels, that is, meridians, through which the energy elements of life are transported. The operation of our physical, spiritual and mental parts depend on the smooth transport of vital elements to all parts of the subtle body. If the vital element is not flowing smoothly due to the blockage of the meridians, or on the contrary, the excessive flow will result in symptoms of the body, uneasy mind and mental instability. Identifying and correcting inappropriate energy patterns will help the body restore balance and release stress And repair the trauma.
We can optimize the flow of vital elements by influencing the main receiver and distributor of healthy energy of the subtle body, which is called chakra. There are seven main points on our body, which are distributed in a line from the top of the head to the bottom of the tail vertebrae. Each chakra controls the corresponding body, mind, and soul. When everything is running normally, each chakra vibrates according to frequency, each corresponding to a rainbow spectrum color. Failure of one chakra will affect several other chakras, so it is important to maintain the energy balance of the entire body system.
Balancing the chakras is the key to crystal therapy. We can use the vital energy of the crystal to supply each chakra. Under normal circumstances, placing the same stone of the appropriate color in each chakra position can balance the energy of the entire body system in one minute. This is by no means the only way to use crystals and chakra points for treatment, but most of the time, this is indeed a very effective method.

Crown chakra


Top of head

Collectiveness, continuity, sense of belonging and relaxation

Frontal chakra


Forehead Center

Vision, understanding, insight, perspective, imagination and intuitive judgment

Throat chakra

Bright Blue

Bottom of throat

Communication, expression, energy exchange, peace and understanding

Heart Chakra


Chest center

Interpersonal relationship, sense of balance, sense of space, growth, love, attractiveness and calmness

Solar Plexus Chakra


Between belly button and diaphragm

Personal potential, control, understanding, digestion, survivability, integrity and confidence

Sacral chakra


Below the belly button

Creativity, inquiry, inspiration, happiness, lust, flow, repair and enjoyment

Root chakra


The base of the spine (usually place the spar between the knees or between the thighs)

Energy, positivity, rootedness, practicality, life needs and groundedness

Fluorite Flower Fairy
Fluorite Flower Fairy
Purple Mica S
Purple Mica S
Dragon Amethyst Point
Dragon Amethyst Point

Factors affecting crystal energy

Crystal Shap

The structure of the arrangement and combination of atoms inside the crystal directly reflects the external shape of the crystal. The magical effect and healing properties of the crystal also benefit from the shape of the crystal.

Crystal Color

The color of the crystal is caused by the chemical composition in the crystal, and the color is the key to the healing of the crystal. Different colors represent different energy levels, crystal colors can stimulate the brain, and then affect our physical health and mental outlook.

Building A Healing Kit

Crystal healing requires the collection of a large number of mineral crystals of various colors. Cobbles, slabs and small single crystals are easy to put on the body. The basic crystal preparation includes:

  • 12 small to medium white crystals (each two to three centimeters long)
  • Three to four amethysts, smoky crystals and citrines
  • One or two massage sticks, small balls or other polished stones
  • One or more fixed frequency crystals-white crystal or amethyst is more suitable
  • A small amount of relatively large crystals for tranquilizing the nerves-needs to be easy to hold

Cleaning And Charging Crystals

New stones, as long as they are not soluble in water or too brittle, will be more beautiful after being cleaned and dusted in mild soapy water. But more importantly, all crystals need to be cleaned vigorously before and after each treatment. This is because the crystal has the function of absorbing energy from the surrounding environment into its internal structure to correct the energy imbalance of the body. If it is not cleaned, the energy inside the crystal will be overloaded and reduce its work efficiency, and even transfer unbalanced energy into the patient’s aura. A cleaned crystal gemstone usually looks lighter and brighter than a tired crystal.

Crystal purification method

Purification of water and sunlight

Put the crystal under flowing water and imagine the energy imbalance going along with the water.

Sound purification

Beat a music bowl and tuning fork beside the crystal to clean up energy.

Incense purification

Incense has always been used for purification, placing crystals next to the incense to achieve purification.

Dry salt purification

Place the palladium crystals in a bowl and cover the top with dried sea salt, and let stand overnight. Be careful not to put the crystal in salt water to prevent the crystal surface from being corroded by salt water.

Crystal cluster purification

Put the crystal on some large clusters to restore its energy.

Crystal Healing Techniques

One of the most effective ways to use crystals to heal the human body is to place the crystals in an array on the body or around them according to a certain pattern, which is used to open up the meridian path of the body’s energy flow. You can also use the pendulum and scepter to control the energy of the crystal. You can also combine these energies with other healing methods, similar to Reiki therapy, color therapy and so on.
Many crystal treatments can be performed alone or with other people. You have to have a suitable place for healing, and you need to take some time to prepare before you start. The effect of crystal healing is gradually accumulated, usually 5 to 10 minutes each time, once or twice a week, the effect of doing this is better than the effect of doing it for a long time and complicated but only once for a long time. In this way, you will effectively release the pressure in your body and develop the ability to maintain energy balance.

Preparing The Crystal Healing Space

Although crystals can spontaneously create a peaceful and orderly aura, it will be more effective to heal them in a quiet and comfortable space.

  • Find a room where you can stretch your legs and lie flat.
  • Try to reduce or remove interference similar to TV, telephone, bright light or high-decibel music.
  • Untie tight clothes and remove watches, glasses, shoes and jewelry. This helps the body relax and allows energy to flow easily in the body.
  • When working with another person for crystal healing, try not to talk about daily trivial matters, but exchange information and experience more.

Crystal Healing Process


All personnel involved in crystal therapy should concentrate on calming the body and mind for the first time, which helps to avoid interference, mood swings, anxiety and distractions. To concentrate, you should do the following:

  • Hold or place the crystal anywhere on the centerline of the body.
  • Hold a larger crystal with both hands and stare.
  • Stare at a crystal placed at a suitable distance.
  • Hold a crystal in your hand and imagine that your breath can travel through it.


Before crystal therapy, you should ground yourself with crystals to anchor your energy and release pressure. After the treatment is over, the crystal of grounded energy will drain the excess energy and integrate the entire healing process. Place one or two grounded crystals in the following areas (the crystals are black, metallic, brown or red):

  • Front of hip
  • Near the bottom of the spine
  • Between thighs
  • Between or under the feet
  • One meter under the feet
  • Down along the length of the body


During the healing process, when the crystal is placed in place, close your eyes and relax. At this time, any sensations (such as tingling, lightness, rush of blood, or a sense of elegance) are just signs of energy balance. If you feel uncomfortable, remove all the other stones except the crystal on the ground, and your heart will immediately restore peace.

Using Crystal Healing Layouts

Crystal array refers to a fixed routine where crystals are placed on or beside the body. Each crystal array is a special method that has been carefully designed to balance the energy of our body.

Certain arrays, called nets, require us to lie on a cloth of a special color to amplify the energy of the crystal. Although most arrays are best done with the body lying down, if necessary, you can also choose to sit upright and lightly tie the stone to a certain part. If you are operating alone, please make sure that the crystal gems you need are placed in an easy-to-reach place before starting. The time for the crystal to be placed in the chakra does not need to be too long, five to ten minutes is enough. In most cases you use either crystal pillars or polished stones. Some arrays require crystal pillars whose energy direction is more accurate than polished gemstones. The picture below shows a stress-relieving array. The tiger’s eye stone is placed at the sacral chakra acupuncture point. There are grounded gemstones at the feet, the pink crystal is at the heart, and the surrounding four white crystal pillars face outward.

Agate Moon Elf

Wearing Crystal Jewelry For Healing

Gemstone necklaces and meaningful accessories have a long history of being worn. However, wearing a crystal jewelry cannot change your aura in essence, but crystals with relevant characteristics can help you make your aura and situation better.

Down-to-earth crystals (such as black, metallic, brown or red gems) can strengthen the root chakras that affect practicality and survival instinct. Labradorite and rainbow obsidian are excellent at preventing others from consuming your energy. Pink stones like spodumene and morganite focus on calmness and understanding, reducing your risk of losing control of the situation.

Crystals can effectively strengthen some of your weaknesses. Sometimes considering that a certain part of your body is susceptible to disease or pain, and the situation you are facing is mentally and emotionally difficult, this strengthening can make a chakra that needs your attention The role of has been highlighted. When you are stressed, you can wear gemstones with corresponding colors, which will help you maintain your energy.

All the crystals you wear or carry need to be purified regularly to eliminate the unbalanced energy absorbed from your body and the surrounding environment. If it is jewelry, you should put them in the corresponding crystal cluster or amethyst cave overnight to replenish energy.

Wearing or carrying too many different types of crystals at the same time will bring side effects and make the body tired and disordered. Replace the crystals you are wearing every day. This replacement can refresh your physical condition, and will also prevent you from relying on the numerous functions of the crystals, and allow you to get greater benefits from the healing power of these crystals.

Use Crystal Pendulums And Wands

Collaborating with others to make full use of the energy of the pendulum and magic wand is very beneficial. These two things are very useful for removing unbalanced energy from the body’s aura.

Use Crystal Pendulums

You can use a ready-made crystal pendulum or use a metal spinning top to make one online. The advantage of doing it yourself is that you can change different crystals in the empty spinning top. White crystals, amethysts, smoky crystals, and citrines are all very Suitable.

  • People waiting for healing should lie down and relax with their hands and feet straight;
  • Put the pendulum above or behind his feet;
  • Adjust the pendulum to the middle of the swing range. After starting, move slowly while moving the middle pendulum steadily so that it follows the middle line of the body from the foot position to the top position;
  • At any time, when the kind of pendulum swings to an area with energy imbalance, the imbalance energy can be eliminated. When an unbalanced energy region is encountered in the swing, the swing trajectory of the pendulum will be different. After the unbalanced energy is eliminated, the pendulum trajectory returns to normal;
  • Repeat this process, slowly moving the swaying pendulum from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head;
  • Repeat this process again, moving the pendulum on each side of the body, moving it back and forth five times in total.

Use the crystal wand

The shape of the crystal wand is round at one end and pointed at the other end. The round end can be placed directly on the skin. The use of the crystal wand is similar to that of a pendulum, but this practice requires a healer even more. The healing techniques described below are a good way to improve your hands-on skills, but it is best not to jump to conclusions about the causes of energy imbalances you feel. Even if you don’t feel any energy imbalance, the healing techniques mentioned below will have a good purification and calming effect.

  • People waiting for healing should stretch their hands and feet, lie down and relax;
  • Grasp the magic wand vertically with the tips of your thumb and other fingers, with the tip of the wand facing upward;
  • Starting from under the person’s feet, move the hands and arms counterclockwise to observe the situation of the unbalanced energy being precipitated and neutralized by the crystal;
  • Use the above method to slowly move to the upper part of the body, and continue to operate in a certain area of ​​the body until the part feels good. In some parts, you may be able to change the speed, direction and pattern of the crystal movement so that your arms can move in a way that feels comfortable. Start when you are ready;
  • When turning to the top of the head, turn the magic wand so that the pointed end faces the body, repeat the method just now, move down along the direction of the body, and turn the hand and the magic wand clockwise.

Create A Sacred Space

We need a holy place to honor our gods, spiritual beliefs, and to purify our hearts.

Our home is a place to sort out our thinking about life. If we don’t have a quiet place, even just a window sill or a small shelf, then we will not be able to spend time reflecting on our behavior, evaluating our situation, dreaming about the future, and cleaning up What we don’t need, all these are things that are closely related to our happiness.

A holy place is not a place with religious patterns. The most famous temple in Japan has only rocks eroded by wind and rain standing on the sand. A place becomes holy because it allows us to transcend the world, see the world and look forward to the future. If you decide to create your own holy place, this place can be used to heal or achieve a specific life goal, choose something that reflects your heart, and spend a short time in this place once or twice a day to relax , Calm down, concentrate on cheering for the ideal goal.

A crystal or crystal cluster can become a quiet and effective space for contemplation. It can also make the atmosphere lively and keep the space clean. Choose a large crystal or cluster that you find fascinating. This crystal gives you a sense of tranquility-you feel that you can still keep your attention while exploring all aspects of it. Take some time every day to relax and stare at these crystals or clusters. This way you can reflect your concern for your own happiness.

Making Crystal Waters

The energy of the crystal can be imprinted into water molecules. Through water, you can transfer the healing energy of the crystal directly to your body. The mineral essence and mineral water balance the body at its own pace.

  • Put a cleaned crystal or gem into a glass or jar, fill it with fresh spring water, close the lid and let the water overnight.
  • Take the stones away in the morning and drink the water slowly during the day.
  • Put the unfinished water in the refrigerator and don’t keep it for too many days.
  • Only use hard enough, water-insoluble, non-toxic crystals to make mineral water and essence, quartz crystals are the most ideal.

Tips of Crystal Healing

Crystal Energy Recharging

The crystals that are worn frequently need to be purified regularly so that the negative energy absorbed from our body or the environment before the crystal can be removed. We can put our crystal jewelry in amethyst holes or large crystals to replenish energy, just like charging a battery.

Avoid mutual interference of crystal energy

Different crystals have different energies, and putting too many crystals together will weaken the healing energy of each crystal. We can replace and wear crystal gems with different healing properties.

The Properties of Crystal Energy

For humans, health is always something worth exploring. A healthy lifestyle has become the mainstream. Crystal therapy is just like yoga and is being accepted by more people, although many people still don’t understand the energy of this stone.
Crystal has been admired by people since ancient times, which has proven its staying power. Crystal can bring love, balance, wellness, success, luck, and it is willing to help those in need.

Healing Crystal Would Make You A Believer

Using crystals is actually very simple. Crystals can help summon certain things in life. A simple and effective way to use a crystal is to hold it, breathe deeply, and feel it. Of course, decorating the house with crystals, putting them in a bag or under a pillow are all ways we contact crystals.
When you are sure what you want, find it, hold it, and feel it. When this stone can calm you down, feel your heartbeat, pulse, and feel the power of the universe, congratulations, you have found a crystal that matches you.
There is not only one crystal that matches you. When you approach the world of crystal healing, a new realm will begin. And WillingWoods would be happy with you on the new journey.

Radioactive and Absorbent Crystal

The types of crystal energy are many. One of the crystal properties is Absorbent and radioactive. Absorbent crystal can absorb negative erergy from our body. Through cutting down the negative energy from body, we can become more healthy. Radioactive crystal can enhance the positive energy to our body. The theory of crystal energy is that crystal can emit the frequency which will effect the electromagnetic field of our body. Through this way, crystals can transfer the energy to us.

Crystal Magnetic Field

The crystal magnetic is the electromagnet field around crystals. Crystal emit frequency and form the electromagnetic field just the earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic is good for our bodies and make us feel better. This magnetic will be heathy for our mind too. The spirit is mysterious and complexing, we do believe that crystal magnetic can interact our mind and make it more healthy.

The Benefits of Crystal Energy And Crystal Healing

  • Enhance the health of your mind, body, and soul in various ways
  • Work against pollutants, free radicals, and harmful germs
  •  Help shield you from electromagnetic field exposure
  • Purifies water
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Shields electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions
  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Eases physical ailments

The Healing Power of Crystal Energy is powerful.

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz
Amethyst Wand
Amethyst Wand

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