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It’s hard not to take a second look when you see a charming stone. Crystals are a good focus for meditation. Just like in the spar array, you should find a quiet place to meditate. It is beneficial to be grounded and self-centered.

What Is Crystal Meditation?

Meditation is not something full of mystery, nor does it require peculiar sitting postures and movements, nor does it have a religious aura like the church.

Meditation is actually very simple. It means focusing your mind on something. For example, reading is a way of meditation, watching movies and thinking while driving is also a way.

Your thoughts and you in reality are always in constant change. Through your thoughts and the influence of the surrounding environment, you are creating you in reality every minute and every second. Your habits are a reflection of your long-term thoughts and environmental influences.

People are always thinking, constantly absorbing new knowledge and gaining new experiences. Many traditional spiritual methods help people live a better life in this way. Since you are always thinking, why not let your mind consciously think about something positive and beneficial to the body and mind? Why not let you know how your thoughts and emotions affect yourself through meditation, and then help your mind, body and spirit develop positive habits that benefit you? In this way, you can truly explore your potential from the inside out.

Why Meditate?

As a spiritual practice, meditation has existed in many cultures for thousands of years. Looking back, there is only one reason-the benefits it has brought to people are countless. In many fields such as body, mind, emotion, psychology and spirit, meditation can help people smoothly get out of difficulties and create a better living space for themselves. Of course, for busy modern people, it is not easy to squeeze out precious time for meditation. Maybe you can’t help asking, “Meditation is really so amazing. Is it really worth trying?” The answer you get will be “absolute.”

Benefits of Meditation

Good For Health

Simple meditation can lower blood pressure, slow down heart rate and relieve anxiety. As an adjunct to traditional and non-traditional medical treatments, meditation can help people fight various diseases, and it is also effective for symptoms such as cancer and heart disease. Meditation can help patients relieve the pain caused by diseases, maintain the balance of their physical and mental states, thereby preventing and curing diseases. It can make your heart feel satisfied, calm and happy, all of which help relax your mind, so as to achieve the effect of prolonging life.

Make thinking sharp

After a period of initial meditation, you can try to use your sharp and calm mind for deeper meditation to achieve the purpose of healing, self-improvement, and self-consciousness. You can bring the newly acquired spiritual skills and goals to your daily work and family life, making yourself a more popular boss, a more powerful subordinate, a more perfect spouse, and closer parents and friends. Try to devote all your energy to communicating with your loved ones and children, this can make an incredible improvement in your relationship. If you can maintain a high level of concentration under the heavy and urgent work pressure, it will make you and your colleagues feel more relaxed.

Improve Your Knowledge of Your body and Mind

In today’s society, people are always affected by electronic media, overwork, shopping, other entertainment and other stimuli. You may find it harder and harder to concentrate. Among adult groups living in fast-paced cities, the number of people suffering from mental disorders is on the rise. For example, when the machine is overloaded, the machine will automatically shut down, and the same is true for people. You will feel that you are slowly losing the concentration and alertness of the past when you are busy with tedious work all day. If you want to regain that kind of quick perception and make your life more fulfilling, then please try to practice concentration meditation, learn how to live and know how to cherish the life you have now.

Balance Your Emotions

Living under great pressure can make people become irritable and irritable. Long hours of work, coupled with the increase in various expenses, all these will cause a serious sense of oppression in the heart. If you encounter unsatisfactory things again, it will inevitably make you unable to help but explode the long backlog of anger like a flash flood. In today’s world, turmoil and riots everywhere can cast a terrible shadow on your life. Even the pride of someone around you will cause intense jealousy and resentment in your heart. At this time, if you want to maintain a clear understanding of yourself and control your emotions, you need to meditate to transform negative emotions into positive influences.

Treat mental problems

If you find yourself having problems that seem to be difficult to solve on your own, you should actively seek professional help. If you want to speed up the healing of spiritual wounds, crystal meditation is one of the best auxiliary treatment methods. If you have addictions, long-term intractable troubles, childhood shadows, mental trauma and other mental troubles, respond accordingly. During the treatment process, crystal meditation can be the best way to help you support yourself. It will help you understand your inner world more deeply and help you overcome the emotion of self-loathing in your heart. In addition, meditation can help you overcome difficulties in work and communication. Let meditation be a good partner on your healing journey and help you return to a normal mental state as soon as possible.

The Application of Crystals in Meditation

  • Crystal has a unique energy and transmits it to us. Crystals can relieve our anxiety, allow us to quickly reach peace of mind, and thus help us enter the state of meditation faster.
  • When we are doing yoga, sitting and meditation, placing corresponding meditation crystals next to us will be of great benefit to our meditation. We can also hold the crystal in our hands and put it on our body. It is also very effective to carry it in our bags and pockets.
  • In short, crystals can help us enter the state of meditation, and at the same time raise the level of meditation, which requires us to practice more and slowly understand.

How To Meditate With Crystals For Beginners


The first meditation technique requires you to focus on one thing. This matter can be external, such as a candle swaying in the wind, or it can be internal, such as your breathing or heartbeat. The purpose of this meditation technique is to calm your mind from daily busy thinking and create a comfortable and cozy peace for your mind. Concentration can help you calm down, focus on yourself, and stabilize your emotions. It also has a very good effect. In the process of fully concentrating, you will find that it is very difficult to stop thinking completely. In this way, you can perceive the patterns of your own thoughts and emotions, and thus understand yourself more deeply. If you can achieve complete concentration during meditation, you can do it as you wish later in life. A focused spirit will help your mind prepare for other forms of meditation.


Different from concentration, in this meditation technique, you do not want to avoid thinking, so as to calm your mind, stabilize your emotions, and finally achieve concentration, but focus on thinking about a certain problem. You may be asked to think about one of your troubles, an irritating difficulty; you may also think about a certain virtue you wish to possess, such as patience; maybe you will also think about you and all other things in this world They are all related. This kind of meditation technique is to make you concentrate on thinking about a topic, the purpose is to make a benign change in yourself, and make your thinking develop in an optimistic direction.

Be More Positive

Meditation can be very simple. You only need to take a period of time from busy work and life, and consciously guide yourself to think positively and helpfully. If you want to learn more about meditation, it is better to find a professional meditation teacher who can help you understand more deeply what meditation is and help you improve your meditation skills.


A form of meditation requires you to imagine something and create a corresponding picture in your mind. Fantasy helps to shape the reality of you, declare your desires and intentions, and thereby completely change your behavior, and even affect the metabolic process in your body. Fantasy is a powerful way.

Crystal Meditation Methods

Chakra Meditation

This is not only a healing experience of balancing the energy chakra points, but also a kind of meditation.

  • A collection of black, metallic, brown and red crystals suitable for root chakras;
  • Choose one of the most attractive crystals, hold it with both hands for a few minutes, and let the stimulating and stabilizing energy flow through your body;
  • Select the crystal suitable for each chakra position in order and repeat the process;
  • Choose an orange crystal suitable for the sacral chakra points and absorb its energy full of creativity, fluidity, healing and joy;
  • Choose a yellow or golden yellow gemstone that is suitable for the heart chakras and absorb its supportive, organized and clear energy;
  • Choose a pink or green gem that is suitable for the heart chakras, and absorb its energy of calm, balance, personal orientation and spatial characteristics;
  • Choose a turquoise or bright blue crystal suitable for the chakras of the throat and absorb its energy of harmony, communication, creativity and personal expression;
  • Choose a dark blue crystal suitable for the chakras of the forehead, and absorb the energy with intuition, insight and broad vision;
  • Choose a purple, white or sky blue crystal suitable for the chakras of the crown, and absorb the energy which is full of vitality and can gather cosmic energy;
  • Finally, choose one of the crystals of various colors in the front, hold and feel the restoration of your energy balance.

Pink Heart Star Medication

Pink is a great choice to reduce fear, aggression, anger, irritation and misunderstanding. Pink stones can protect us from all kinds of negative energies.

  • Find five pink gems from your crystals that you think are particularly attractive;
  • Sit on the ground and place four of them around you, one at the front, back, left, and right;
  • The fifth piece is in your hand;
  • Focus on the heart chakra points, close your eyes and imagine a bright pink spark flashing in the center of your chest;
  • Seeing the pink spark, you begin to imagine it shining like a star, its power and light are constantly increasing, and the intense pink halo floods into your body;
  • When the halo continues to spread, imagine it touches the stone you are holding;
  • The halo continues to spread to the crystals surrounding you;
  • Imagine that every pink crystal starts to emit pink light from the star sparkle in its center;
  • Maintain this pink light that immediately surrounds you, and see the pink light continue to radiate into the things around you;
  • Imagine that this pink light touches the hearts of people you know and bursts out sparks in it, and this kind of sparks shines and touches the hearts of more people they know;
  • Do your best to continue this meditation, think as long as you can, especially concentrate on meditation to direct this light to those who don’t get along well with you;
  • At the end of meditation, let your attention and pink light return to the crystals around you, then return to the gems in your hand, and finally return to your heart;
  • Let this color fade in your heart slowly, and then slowly open your eyes.

Meeting Crystal Spirits

This meditation allows you to meet the gods of crystals. In the first few meditations, you may not encounter the gods of the crystal in any clear form, but you have explored the same crystal many times and set out with the purpose of encountering the gods in a way that is easy for you to communicate, just like meeting a person Or like an animal. This god will help you understand how to benefit from being with crystals. When entering meditation, the clearer your intentions, the easier it is to get the experience of the gods’ understanding of you.

  • Grab the crystal you want to explore in your hand or place it on the body chakra corresponding to its color;
  • Imagine that there is a hole in front of you, and slowly make the patterns in your dreams clear;
  • Imagine yourself moving towards the dim light at the entrance of the cave, moving slowly while groping for your impression;
  • Move forward and see a downward road ahead of you leading to the depths of the earth;
  • Follow this road and eventually you will come to a closed door;
  • Imagine the picture or name of a kind of crystal on this door, focus your will-meet the god of this kind of crystal and wait for the door to open;
  • When the door is opened, walk in and gather your impressions, and explore calmly-this is the key to whether you can meet the gods of the crystal land. Everything you experienced on the other side of the door before is of this kind of crystal characteristics. A performance
  • It’s time to go back, say “thank you” to the door, and use your willpower to bring yourself back to the door;
  • Go out of this door and close it, and walk out of the hole along this path;
  • Before restarting your daily activities, calmly consider and record your experience.

Crystal Exploration Meditation

Crystal is a stable substance with fixed healing properties and fixed energy. In contrast, human beings are unique and will continue to challenge themselves to adapt to internal and external environments. If a piece of crystal makes people feel refreshing today, but soothing the other day, it is not that the shape of the crystal has changed, but that your physical condition has changed. Meditation can help you understand how crystal power changes.

If you repeat this process several times, even if you do not feel the huge difference in the efficacy of the crystal, you will be more familiar with the habits of that kind of crystal and be better at using it. Regular use of this technique will also strengthen your awareness and intuition.

  • Make sure that the crystal you plan to study has been cleaned before starting;
  • Close and examine the stone of your choice for a few minutes;
  • Grasp the crystal with both hands and hold it close to your heart for a minute or two. Imagine your breath passing through this stone. This will help you to coordinate the energy of the stone;
  • Then put the crystal a little farther in front of you, you can relax and stare at it;
  • Think about how you feel on your body and pay attention to any part of your body that attracts your attention;
  • Then observe your emotional feelings, how is your mood? What are your thoughts?
  • Hold the crystal again;
  • Imagine breathing through the crystal for about a minute;
  • Thinking about how you feel now, which part of your body is your attention now? Is there a change in mood? Is the idea different?
  • Finally let yourself sit on the ground and end this experience.
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