Bags and Kits

Crystal Kits are more than crystals

Exquisite suits are endless, and a small collection of crystals contains the secrets of nature. Let’s explore the wonders of various crystals together

Sunstone Point

Beautiful and ingenious crystal kit

There are many kinds of crystals, and people always hope to gather all kinds of crystals. It is worth mentioning that we all have such good wishes. Starting from collecting some small crystal gems is a good choice for collecting all kinds of crystal gems. The crystal set contains different kinds of crystal gems, most of which are not very large in size and weight, and are very cost-effective, which is very suitable for collection. We can also arrange various crystal gem blocks into different arrays, which are both beautiful and meaningful. Let us explore together.

Yellow Crystal

A Guide For Crystal Kits

The crystal gems in the crystal set are small, exquisite and worthy of fun. The exquisite crystal gem cubes can be combined into different kinds of suits. You can put it on a display stand for display, put it in a bag and carry it with you, put it under a pillow to help you soothe your nerves, or hold it in your hand to give you strength when you want to meditate.

Agate Pig Figurine

Beginner Crystals

The small crystal set is often recognized as a must-have crystal for crystal beginners. Because of its small and exquisite appearance, the right weight, and the wide variety, it is very cost-effective. The crystal set can help us quickly understand crystal gems with a very high cost performance, so that we can discover which crystal gems we like. Of course, we can also buy more sets for different purposes, such as carrying around, pillowing under pillows, display racks, etc., so as to experience the magical effect of crystal energy and help us from crystal gem noob to crystal gem collector .

Amethyst Pyramid
Amethyst Pyramid

Crystal free combination set

There is nothing that can tap our potential more than we do it ourselves, unless of course your time is precious. We can freely combine our own crystal gem sets according to the shape, color, and material of the stone. Then choose a perfect package. It must be a good choice to make some crystal gem sets by yourself and give it to our beloved friends.

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