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Raw Crystal

Raw crystals have their nature beauty. They are the gifts the nature gives us. Raw crystals emit positive frequency which is good for our body and spirit. A lot of people like to put some crystals on the office desk to evaluate the work efficiency. Absolutely, we can decorate our house with crystals too. If you believe, the faith finds you. When come to the raw crystal and human, we would like to see the harmony between nature and human. There are a lot of types of nature stones, you can learn more from WillingWoods Crystal List.

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Example of raw crystals – A1

Crystal Cluster

Crystal cluster is one type of raw crystal. The clusters are formed in the open space environment and grow from the crystal source. The shape is determined by the crystal structure. The pictures of A1 are amethyst cluster and green crystal cluster. The size of the crystal cluster can be very big. The weight of big one can be tones. It’s very shiny and beautiful when light is reflected from the cluster surface. This is the beauty of raw crystal. They are the gift from nature. We should not only like them, but also respect them.

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Questions about Raw Crystal

What are cluster crystal used for?

Clusters are used for decoration, meditation and healing purposes. They can emit positive frequency which is good for us. Cluster also can expand our mind to reach the spirit world. They can also absorb negative energy from the environment around us.

How can you tell a raw crystal?

The raw crystal are transparent and has its special shape because of its structure. There must be a crystal point or pillar among the crystal stone. You can also send us the picture for a confirmation. >> Contact WillingWoods Support

How are raw crystal formed?

The raw crystal are formed in the extreme environment with high temperature and high pressure. The formations of clusters occur when multiple crystal pillars all grown on the same matrix.

Is the quality of crystals high on your crystal shop?

WillingWoods Crystal Jewelry bring value to you. Each crystal product is guaranteed to be real. And, we sale a lot of type of crystals. The crystals are high quality and the price is reasonable.

The Use of Raw Crystal

For meditation

We can hold a crystal when we begin to mediate. The positive frequency crystal emits can help us to connect our body and mind.

For decoration

Crystals are so beautiful that they are almost to be a must-have gemstone in our daily life. Living in a crystal environment will open our mind and improve our mood. We call it crystal lifestyle. You can learn more crystal lifestyle here.

For DIY Crystal Jewelry

Raw crystals are often used to be made a jewelry. We can DIY crystal bracelet, ring, earing, necklace with raw crystals. Wearing what you believe, believe what you wear. Respect crystal then crystal energy finds you. Crystals are gifts of the nature. You can learn more about DIY crystal jewelry from here.

Closer To The Nature

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