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Entrepreneurship Perception

I was full of enthusiasm and founded a business;But the road stumbling.Looking back on the past,I think about my shortcomings,In addition to persistence,Feelings such as enjoying the process;Doing small things well is a career.It is my biggest insight.

Blue smithsonite

Tranquility and elegance are the characteristics of magnesite. Like a quiet lake on the top of a mountain, like a lake at the end of a wilderness, like blue ice on a glacial cliff—the magnesite has always been the kind of fairies who are tall and widowed. She is beautiful and individual, with warmth in …

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Look at blemishes in gemstones rationally——Crystal Inclusions

The ancient Roman philosopher Pliny once said: “The whole world is contained in the tiny space of gems.” Those who truly understand and understand gems should look at the flaws in gems with an appreciation. In fact, the interior of each natural gemstone is a unique and beautiful landscape painting. Just like a master’s painting, …

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Crystal jewelry purchase and collection

The purchase of jewelry must first determine the purpose of the purchase. The jewelry worn daily must match the consumer’s cultural circle, the grade should not be too high, and the variety and style must be recognized by the cultural zone. Jewelry occasionally worn on formal occasions should be elegant, and a set of jewelry is better.

The Rainbow Falling into the World –Tourmaline

If white crystal is the synthesis and implicitness of the color of the chakra, then tourmaline is the manifestation of the color of the chakra. Tourmaline is famous for its colorfulness. The beautifully colored tourmaline is like a rainbow falling into the world and is deeply loved by people.

The use of crystal in life

Silicon is ubiquitous in our lives, and it has contributed to the civilization that opened up the new century of mankind. So, as a natural form of silicon, what role can crystal play in our lives? Let us explore together below.

Will the halo crystal and processed crystal affect the crystal energy?

The Aura Crystals Regarding the aura crystal, it also called the aqua breath crystal, which means that the surface of the crystal or other spar is plated with metals such as gold, platinum, silver, etc., so that it has rainbow light or special color light. This is not so much a kind of crystal as …

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Beauty Around Us

There is no lack of beauty in life, but the eyes to discover beauty. Attitude determines everything. From WillingWoods

Tips For Cleaning and Recharging Crystals

Clean the crystal and let it heal us in the best state. Some people buy crystals for crystal healing. It can connect our body, spirit and soul. Because crystals have magnetic fields, different magnetic fields of different crystals have different effects. Crystals absorb and release magnetic fields in different environments, and also change the original …

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Crystal Say

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The best weight you’ll ever lose is the weight of other people’s opinion of you.

Light of Hope

Keep Positive Is Important For A Startup

It’s never easy to run a startup. We could meet various problems in the adventure journey. Focusing on many directions is fatal; Idealism will lead you to failure ; Confused routine will destroy your efficiency; Irreverent expenses will absorb your money; We can change these by regular reflection. The most important thing for startup is …

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A Crystal Light From Startup

WillingWoods Startups

WillingWoods do know and do suffer the difficulty of starting up. We want to create a business for ourselves, we want to bring value to you in a way which we’d like to. But it is never a easy way to go, and it even more difficult than what we had thought. But, WillingWoods want …

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Crystal Videos

WilingWoods Bring Value To You. WillingWoods Crystal Jewelry Turn Crystal Lifestyle Into Fashion. WillingWoods Crystal Jewelry Give You A Crystal Style.

Questions and Answers About Crystal

1 – Q: What’s the effect of crystal grid? 1- A: The most crystal array is the seven-star array. The Seven Star Array is mainly composed of seven crystal pillars, which can be used to adjust the magnetic field. Different crystal arrays can produce different effects.

Crystal Show

Crystal is deeply loved by people because of its exquisite appearance and energy-rich inside. This article shows many exquisite crystals, please enjoy them. If you are interested, please leave a message. WillWoods’s Mission Is To Turn Crystal Lifestyle Into Fashion.

Crystal Energy – Absorbent crystal and radioactive crystal

The classification of crystals can be divided according to the sign of their energy. They are positive energy crystals and negative energy crystals. Positive energy crystals are radioactive, and negative energy crystals are absorbing. The frequency emitted by radioactive crystal is high frequency, and the energy it emits can attract magnetic fields. General crystals are …

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Crystal Energy – Insist

Don’t chase another human being. Instead, chase your curiosity and passion. Chase your developments and goals. Instead of trying to convince someone that you fit in their world, Strive to build your own. –Crystal Energy Insit

Crystal Respect

Respect your own boundaries
by choosing not to overshare with people
who don’t have your interest at heart.

Respect yourself then respect will find you.
Respect Crystals then Crystal energy will find you.
Follow your heart then your destiny will guide you.

Crystal Attitude

Love finds you when you love yourself.
Support finds you when you support yourself.
Gratitude finds you when you appreciate yourself.
The answer is you.

How a small business complete the 0-1

Actually, my business is struggling . And I am trying my best to maintain the situation . I have two companies, willingwater is for customers while willingwoods is for business. willingwoods is aim to bring IT Service to our business Partners , while the willingwater selling crystal to customers.

willingwoods startups

willingwood & willingwater want to bring valuable things to all people. we know that our abilities is not big enough to do a big things, but we are doing them now, from the smallest thins. we do believe that only truths is valuable. we choose to bring our hometown’s industrial products, such as crystal & …

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What is Ocher

Ocher The ocherite corresponds to the sun theory and the sea chakra at the same time The citrine corresponding to the intellectual body is helpful for memory, logic, organization, recitation, and examination. The citrine can be used to ensure safety, pray for blessings and gain, and build good bonds. Citrine can filter out electromagnetic waves …

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The engery of crystal &Quartz | WillingWoods Quartz

Amethyst 1. Amethyst corresponding to the crown chakra can calm the nerves and treat insomnia and migraine.2. It helps to concentrate, improve learning ability, develop potential, and increase memory.3. It can eliminate domineering, bring extravagance, recruit nobles, increase interpersonal relationships, and improve your own temperament.4. Prosperous exam luck, strengthen concentration. Learn more from

WillingWoods Quartz

WillingWoods Quartz products are used for lighting, photovoltaic, optical fiber, optics, semiconductor and other industries. WillingWater Quartz produces high-purity quartz sand, quartz tube & rod, large diameter resized quartz tube, quartz cylinder, quartz ingot, quartz plate, etc, and various quartz devices.

Turn Crystal Into Lifestyle

WillingWoods Crystal Jewelry Bring Value To You. Our slogan: Turn Crystals Into Lifestyle. Our Mission: Bring happiness to you. Our rules: Try our best to give you a happy experience.

Cryastal Meet Nature

Nature is the birth place for the crystals. When the modern crystal meet nature, They are impressed by the landscape of the nature, Just as human being. We human bing should respect the nature as well as the crystal. Because the nature give us life too. –WillingWoods Crystal

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