DIY Crystal Jewelry

Crystal Jewelry for DIY

WillingWoods bring value to you. WillingWoods Crystal Jewelry Shop provides various raw natural crystal stone for our customers to design and DIY their own dream crystal. WillingWoods Crystal Jewelry Shop also provides some simple guilds for our customers to complete their own work. What’s more, WillingWoods Crystal Jewelry Shop have the Crystal DIY service to give a help for our customers. We are very happy to see your dream crystal work.

What can we do for your Crystal Jewelry DIY

You can send us the description of your desining idea, or just send us a draft or a picture to WillingWoods Crystal Jewelry Shop, We will get all the materials you need to finish the handmade job.

WillingWoods Crystal Jewelry Shop also provides lots of samples with a guide for our customers, so you can create it for your convenience.

Our customers also can customise a unique crystal jewelry. WillingWoods Crystal Jewelry Shop has its own jewelry designer who will design and accomplish the great crystal jewelry for you. To learn more, please contact willingwoods customer service.

Guide for Crystal Jewelry DIY

First, design your dream crystal jewelry and make a draft.

Second, prepare the materials and tools you need.

Third, predicte the workflow you are going to do.

Finally, get done step by step.

Questions about Crystal Jewelry DIY

Is it hard to DIY Crystal Jewelry?

It’s simple for a new beginner to diy a crystal jewelry. We think the only thing you should spend is patience. And it’s a very happy journey for a crystal lover to complete his or her own work step by step. You would learn more and earn more than a crystal jewelry craft.

How long time will spend?

If you had prepared the tools and materials, a half day will be enough for you to finish your work.

What are the tools should we prepare for the crystal jewelry work?

The tools we need are depening on the workmanship. Usually, a plier, solder and the material you want to cover the crystal are needed. You can also watch some crystal jewelry DIY videos from to learn.

How to make a great handmand crystal jewelry?

The crystal jewelry you had made by your own hand is the greatest jewelry. You will learn more and earn more from the journey. When you begin to do the work, you begin your glorious journey to your heart. The crystal energy will heal your heart and give you more energy.

Crystal Style DIY

DIY Crystal Collection

  1. Confirm the purpose of crystal collection and the style of collection
  2. Find some crystal collection ideas as reference
  3. Design the shelf
  4. Collect crystals
    1. we can sort crystals by colour, shape, material, meaning or intention.
    2. It’s a long time for us to collect our dream crystals, since some high quality crystals are rare.
    3. We can find dream crystals on shops or on some trustable online store. WillingWoods Bring Value To You.
  5. Draft a simple plan
  6. Get started to finish the work with plan

DIY Crystal Display Shelf

  1. Think and create an ideas about crystal display shelf.
  2. Draft a simple plan.
  3. Make a draft of crystal display shelf.
  4. Buy the materials needed.
  5. Finish the work.
  6. If you would like to share your exquisite works, you could post them on WillingWoods Crystal Blog.

DIY Crystal Necklace

  1. Think about the meaning and intentions of crystal necklace.
  2. Make a simple draft on paper.
  3. Buy semi-finished product.
  4. Make the necklace with our ideas and meanings.
  5. Finish the work and sharing our happiness with others

DIY Crystal Bracelet

  1. Think about the style and meanings of our dream Bracelets.
  2. Learn the skills from WillingWoods or YouTube.
  3. Buy semi-finshed products.
  4. Make the Bracelets with our hands.
  5. Finish the great work.
Crystal Displays Shelf DIY
Crystal Bracelet DIY

Shop Elements for DIY Crystal Jewelry

Get Support

WillingWoods will be happy to help you to DIY your dream crystal jewelry. Our mission is to create the most happy crystal kingdom around Please feel free to contact us and get a support, willingwoods customers service is ready to help you here.

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Live Stream

WillingWoods provides live stream to help our customers to learn more about crystal jewelry DIY. Just make an appointment, WillingWoods Service will arrange the event with you. The aim of Live Stream is to help our customers learn, know, choose crystals more intuitively and conveniently.

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