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Tips for buying crystals

A short introduction of crystal.

Crystal stone is exist in nature environment. They have a lof of formation. You can find some crystal stone in the natural environment. When you travel to or camp in mountain, you should pay attention to the ground. There must be some crystal stone on your sights, since the crystal stone was formed in nature. You can learn more about the process of forming a crystal stone behinds. Crystal also have some effects because of crystal stone’s naturl property. In this article, you also will see a simple tip for the way of buying crystal conveniently. Ok, let’s begin our crystal stone journey.

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How the crystal stone is formed?

The crystal was formed in the nature. The main process of crystal stone formation is volcano activity. The crystal stone was formed in magma. The process need enough space. The crystal stone formed usually in the crakes of magma rocks and geode of magma rocks. The high pressure and high temperature are the other two factors of crystal stone formation. It usually need a long time for silica magma to transfer to crystal stone. A lot of beautiful crystal stones were found from geode in the mountains.

What are the effects of crystal stone?

Crystal stones have lots of positive effects. In fact, crystal stone is the most unique stone in the nature because of its unique properties. Fistly, the crystal stone is the most stable crystallisation. Crystal stone can endure very high temperature as well as very high pressure. Crystal oscillation effect is the foundation of morden society. Silicon was produced from crystal stone. All electric chips use silica to control its enormous circuit. Crystal stone also can emit energy automatically. This is the reason why lots of people love crystal stone so much. You can learn more about the effects fo crystal stone for human in

How to buy crystal stone conveniently?

The types of crystals are so rich that there are very few places to gather gem crystals of each type. Looking for a large crystal store is a good choice. Because of the large-scale industry, there will be a variety of crystals there, and the price is relatively cheaper. We can search for our favorite crystal on Google, and we can purchase it after confirming that it is correct. At the same time, live broadcasting is also very popular nowadays. Every major gem seller sells goods live, and we can watch their programs on the corresponding platforms. We have sales on the Internet and on YouTube, and I hope everyone will pay attention to us.

How to judge crystal price?

The quality of the crystal is different, the corresponding price will also be different. Most customers don’t know crystal well, so their problem is how to estimate a reasonable price for crystal. We search for the corresponding product in Google’s products and compare prices, or go to the Amazon platform. The crystals we sell are classified according to quality, size, and weight. You can take a look at our standards one by one. R, P, G represent the quality from low to high, S, M, L represent the size from small to large.

How to identify the quality of crystal gems

After buying crystals online, you cannot see the goods themselves, and it is difficult to distinguish the appearance of the gems. We can ask the supplier to send us more photos from different angles, or we can link to the live broadcast and watch the goods online in real time. This will better grasp the quality of the goods and use it as a reference for us to evaluate the price of the goods.

How to buy crystal for a crystal beginner?

Crystal is a gift from nature, and each crystal is different. For a person who is new to crystals, the best way is to buy some different kinds of small crystals to play with. In this way, you can get access to different stones without spending a lot of money. With the deepening of our knowledge of gems, we can try to buy some unique gem crystals that we like.

Friendly reminder.

Please go to the website to learn more about crystals. You can search on Google. Of course, this website also provides relevant crystal knowledge for readers to understand the energy, types, attributes, etc. of crystals. You can follow the link to learn more.

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DIY My Crystal Lifestyle

Crystals are good for decoration, and living a crystal lifestyle will not only make your life more comfortable, but also charge your energy with crystal energy. We can collect all types of crystals and then put them together in a jewelry box or a exhibition cabinet. We can put some crsytals on our office bags and travel bags, or even in our pockets. We can also wear some crystal jewelries, such as crysal bracelet, necklace, ring, earring. They are all crystal lifestyle.

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