Point Tower Pyramid

Collection From Nature

Various forms of gemstone points and pillars are very suitable as desktop ornaments. Let you be immersed in the energy and natural beauty of gems all the time. The smooth facet can clearly see the cleavage structure inside the gemstone, which virtually enhances your aesthetics and cultivation.

Kyanite Flame

Let crystal give you a warm harbor

When we are busy with a day of work and come home to prepare for a beautiful rest, the crystal pillar is waiting to replenish your energy. Lying on the comfortable sofa, admiring the table, the crystal pillars and crystal pyramids on the showcase, closing your eyes, you can’t help but wonder where such beautiful crystals come from and how they are formed. Enjoying the colorful visual feast, the whole person is relaxed, and the hard work of the day is finally rewarded. A comfortable home is more important than it.

Raw Rhodochrosite

Clever use of crystal points

The slender crystal points are very suitable to decorate the space. Crystal points have a variety of colors depending on the material, and the texture reflected by the optical fiber is unparalleled, which is unmatched by other materials. Its crystal energy can charge the room and enhance the aura and magnetic field of the entire space. Isn’t such a pleasing and infinite gem worth having? Let us quickly choose.

K2 Stone Flam

For Decoration

Our lives need to be flooded with aesthetics, so that we can improve our inner self-cultivation all the time. It is a good choice to decorate our space with crystal points and pyramid raymid. We can choose corresponding color and height crystal points to embellish our space according to the needs of space design, so that the space is both elegant and meets the needs of aesthetics.

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Ocean Jasper Flame

For Healing

When you start to understand crystal gems, you begin to appreciate the crystal energy. Crystal gem is a gift from nature, it has a powerful energy and magnetic field. Not only that, crystals can also replenish energy for the things around me. While increasing the positive energy, it reduces the negative energy. Look, the role of crystal is much more. As a crystal trader, we are deeply impressed by the beauty and energy of crystal, and we also hope to bring this beauty to you.

Agate Angel

For Believer

Faith is always the source of a person’s strength. We all have or have had beautiful dreams. Belief is the gasoline that drives our dreams and gives us endless energy. However, the road to chasing dreams has always been full of difficulties and obstacles. There is no way. Who makes us ambitious? When we are tired and lonely, don’t be afraid, find a friend to confide in our pain, or hold the crystal that we like and tell ourselves loudly that I can do it.

Agate Moon Elf


Everyone has talents in all aspects, some talents are strong, some talents are weak. When we do things with different talents, we will be very smooth, and of course we are very happy that everything has results. This does not mean that we are useless in other areas. We should try to discover our potential. From the perspective of aesthetics and space design, using crystal points to DIY your own small ideas can not only explore our aesthetic potential and enhance our cultivation, but also create a warm living and working space for us.

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