Sphere and Egg

Crystal Sphere with Story

Every crystal ball has a story. It lies quietly there, telling it, as if there is a fairy living in it, how wonderful and incredible.

Kyanite Flame

A short Introduction of Crystal Sphere

In our hometown, the old people believe that every crystal ball contains an elf. They either live happily in the space of the ball, with the same things happening to us; or they are guarding the ball or its owner and telling ancient legends. Natural crystals carry so many stories that we can’t stop.

Sunstone Point

Ideas of Using Crystal Spheres

A round appearance, a smooth surface, and a curious interior. Are these qualities not enough to conquer our aesthetics? I think it can be. The transparent or semi-transparent ball reflects a comfortable light, which makes us sink into it when we are nervous. It is extremely comfortable, as if we have entered another world and embarked on a journey of adventure.

Smoky Citrine

For Decoration

Nothing can give people a sense of security and happiness more than a warm home. If there is, I think it should be love. It is definitely a wise move to decorate a space at home with first-class texture, full of natural flavor, and curious crystal balls. Put it on the table as the visual center of gravity on the table; put it on the collection shelf, which is definitely a collection, worthy of fun; or put it on the bedside, giving you full of positive energy.

Agate Pig Figurine

For Lifestyle

Crystals have energy. Many crystal lovers collect a variety of crystals. They use different crystals for different purposes, relieve stress, bring happiness, and enhance aura. This gradually forms a kind of life. Ways or attitudes to life. Come to a crystal ball and let our lifestyle be full of positive energy.

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Ocean Jasper Sphere

For health

The magic of crystal energy is unlimited. Different types of crystal gems have different healing functions. The crystal ball is only artificially cut and polished into a spherical shape. There is no other artificial treatment. Therefore, the natural energy of the crystal is retained. We can safely use the crystal ball as the energy raw stone for crystal healing. Choose a crystal that can not only heal the crystal, but also decorate the space. Isn’t it fragrant?

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Purple Mica S

Always remember,

there will be reverberations.

Tribute to believers.

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