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The Pocket Stone -Tumbled Stones

Crystal tumbled stone is very convenient for you to carry. You can put it in your crystal bag or kit to carry them with you. You can also use the crystal tumbled stone to do some chakra healing exercises. WillingWoods Crystal sale all kinds of crystal tumbled stones. You can buy some crystal tumbled stone from WillingWoods Crystal Shop. If you want to buy more, you can contact WillingWoods customer service to make a query.

Use tumbled stones as healing Stones

Tumbled stones are effective as raw crystals. The energy in the stones will not disappear when they are polished. Furthermore, the shapes of tumbled stones are more convenient for us to use on our daliy life. We can put them in our pockets for good lucks. We can also use them as healing stone or chakra stone to do some healing exercises. The advantage of tumbled stones than raw crystals is that they are more convenient for our daily usage.

Crystal Stones
Crystal Stones

The beautiful shape of tumbled stones

The shapes of tumbled stones can be made whatever you want to. The common shaps are round, square or palm stone style. The shapes and colours are various. So we have lots of opportunities to choose our dream crystal stones. WilingWoods Crystal Jewelry also provides customise service, our dear customers can customise any material, any colour, shape for their dream crystals.

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7 Chakar Crystal Stone
7 Chakar Crystal Stone

The usage of tumbled stones

Do healing excises or meditation

The tubled stons are crystals and they have crystal energy which can help us to heal our spirit and bodies.

For Crystal Collections

The shapes and colours of tumbled stones are so beautiful that they are the must have stones for crysal fans.

As pocket stones

We can put tumbled stones in our pockets or bags since thay are convenient to carry. And they can bring lucky for us.

As a gift

Give your dears crystals as a gift is appropriate. They have beautiful looking, are valuable, and can bring crsytal energy to your dears.

Questions about tumbled stones

What are tumbled stones uesed for?

Tumbled stones are polished from raw crystals. They are used as healing stone, chakra stone and energy. Tumbled stones are alternative medicine to heal our bodies and souls because crystals can emit postive frequency.

How tumbled stone made?

Tumbled stones are some small crystals and polished by machines or hands. Polishing machine usually use quartz sand to polish them by combining them and rolling. Hand made tumbled stones are usually polished by sandpapers.

Are tumbled stones worth anything?

Some high quality tumbled stones do have the investment opportunity. If you want to invest in gemstones, WillingWoods recommend you buy high quality tumbled stones, raw crystal and specimens.

Are tumbled stones as effective?

Tumbled stones are crystals too. They are polished for a more beautiful shape. They are effective as healing stones as well as energy stones.

Pick Up My Pocket Stone

Take a lucky stone, the lucky will go with you. WillingWoods Crystal Jewelry Bring Value To You.

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