Diamond Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Diamond

Carbon can form two distinct crystals: diamond, the hardest mineral in nature, and graphite, the softest mineral. Initially diamonds were found in rivers and river alluvial sand piles, but such deposits can no longer meet the needs of humans. Now the main producing areas of diamonds are South Africa, Siberia, and Australia. They are all mined from the hard ultrabasic magmatic rock-Kimberlite. Although diamond is very hard, it is also very brittle and has obvious cleavage, which allows skilled gem cutting and grinding technicians to use its crystal shape to cut and grind the best shape and preserve the most weight. According to the different colors contained in diamonds, various colors such as yellow, blue, and pink are also displayed.

Diamond is traditionally associated with courage, purity and fear of victory. It has always been considered to have enough energy to drive away evil and bring good luck. For this reason, it is also considered a perfect gem.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: C

Color: colorless, occasionally blue, green, pink, yellow, etc.

Luster: glass luster to diamond luster

Hardness: 10

Crystal System: equiaxed crystal system

Streak: No

Specific gravity:3.5

Cleavage:Four sets of complete

Identification and Maintenance of Diamond

  • Diamond crystals of poor quality are usually octahedral with many pits. Smaller diamonds can be glued on a small wafer with silica gel or honey for crystal healing.
  • Cut diamonds can also be used for crystal healing, but not if they are already set in jewelry.
Clear Crystal Point

Diamond Crystal Meaning

  • Make us take refuge
  • Means honor and pure will
  • Represents invincible power

Diamond Healing Function

  • Rebalance the energy of the skull, jaw and spine
  • It is a powerful detoxifier that can detoxify all levels of body and spirit. It is so powerful that you need another calming crystal to ease its effects.
  • Remove negative energy and emotional disorders
  • Transform the slow and rigid thinking process into a broad and universal concept
  • Support meditation and spiritual adventure

How to Use Diamond Crystal

  • Put diamonds and other crystals (such as red crystals) together to guide their flashing direction more accurately and refreshingly.
  • Use a small diamond crystal to make the crystal essence, and drop a few drops to the part of the body that needs diamond energy.

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Similar Gems

  • The specific gravity of cubic zirconia is relatively large.
  • Herkimon crystals and sharp crystals do not have the sparkle of diamonds.
  • Other similarities include colorless zircon.

Crystal Meanings

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