Dioptase Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Dioptase

The fascinating copper-bearing silicate mineral, dioptase, is produced in the leaching oxidation zone of copper deposits. If it is a bit too soft as a gem, its fire color is quite good. Because of its high birefringence, the value of transparent malachite is very high. Its strong green can stimulate all levels of body, emotion, and spirit, especially enhancing micro-perception and supernatural ability. Dioptase is also a kind of stone that is useful at the beginning of the project or in the development stage. You may find that the rapid purification ability of dioptase is very strong. It is best to use a small amount of control each time (holding in your hand or performing Wear it for only a few minutes, especially when you are near the heart chakra points).

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: Cu6Si6O18.6H2O

Color: chrome green (dark blue green)

Luster: glass luster

Hardness: 5

Crystal System: Trigonal crystal system

Identification and Maintenance of Dioptase

  • Dioptase usually forms small green dark green crystals, often nearly square or hexagonal.
  • Individual crystals are rarer than small clusters on the surrounding rock.
Green Strawberry Crystal Point

Dioptase Crystal Meaning

  • Stimulate change and growth.

Dioptase Healing Function

  • Nourish the heart chakra
  • Eliminate old behaviors
  • Bring clear vision and insight

How to Use Dioptase Crystal

  • Put the dioptase on the heart Chakra for a few minutes to nourish the heart Chakra.
  • Placing a piece of dioptase next to the bed can promote change.
  • Putting the dioptase next to a painting or photo that represents your goal will help you reach your goal.

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Similar Gems

  • Chrysophyllite is a similar copper mineral, with long green needle-like crystals, often in radial clusters.
  • The arsenic copper ore is emerald green short columnar or thick plate-like crystals, but it is not fire-like like dioptase, and it has no sharp edges, and it is slightly toxic. Therefore, you must wash your hands thoroughly after contact.

Crystal Meanings

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