Fluorite Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Fluorite

Although there are many colors of fluorite, deep purple fluorite is the most common. Fluorite was also the first mineral to undergo a fluorescent reaction under ultraviolet light, and its name was derived from this. It also has a fascinating appearance: the surfaces of interpenetrating cube crystals are often covered with other minerals, similar to calcite, crystal, and pyrite. Fluorite is also an important industrial raw material, which is needed for glass production and steelmaking. The famous fluorite producing areas are Britain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the United States.

Mineral Properties

Chemical formula: CaF2

Color: purple, green, blue, yellow, colorless, etc.

Luster: glass luster

Hardness: 4

Crystal System: equiaxed crystal system

Identification and Maintenance of Fluorite

  • Stepped cubic fluorite crystals will look like a shrinking city.
  • There are natural octahedral single crystals, but most of them on the market are artificially knocked out based on the cleavage surface.
Raw Blue Fluorite

Fluorite Crystal Meaning

  • Encourage innovation and invention
  • Help plan and coordinate resources

Fluorite Healing Function

  • Strengthen the physical structure of bone tissue and various organs
  • Help us master bodily functions, improve agility and balance
  • Encourage self-worth
  • Promote the absorption of innovative ideas and the understanding of deep-level consciousness

How to Use Fluorite Crystal

  • Putting a large fluorite crystal or crystal cluster in the place of study or work can help clear the mind.
  • Sleeping means putting fluorite next to the bed to discover new ideas and solutions.
  • Putting fluorite somewhere on the body can improve coordination skills.

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Similar Gems

  • Amethyst: There is no internal cleavage, and it is harder than fluorite.
  • Stone salt crystal: The crystal shape is like fluorite, but the hardness is much lower, the gloss is weak and it is not so transparent.
  • Galena crystal: The crystal shape resembles fluorite, but has a dim metallic halo, a large specific gravity, and slight toxicity.
  • Calcite: Sometimes it has a similar appearance, but usually the color on the same spar is single, which is incomparable to the rich fluorite.

Crystal Meanings

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