Garnet Meaning and Healing Properties

Introduction to Garnet

Garnet is a very complex mixture of minerals, which makes its color and composition very complex. The name of garnet is derived from the Latin “pomegranate”. Garnets are commonly red. Red has always been a symbol of passion, and passion has always been a symbol of various vitality-such as strength, motivation, success, abundance and enthusiasm. Garnet seems to contain and carry forward all these characteristics.

Mineral Properties

Chemical Formula: different components

Color: reddish brown (magnesia garnet), red purple or black brown (almandine), red orange (spessartine garnet), red or green (caldronite), various colors (almandine) ), dark green (calcite garnet)

Luster: glass luster

Hardness: 7—7.5

Crystal System: equiaxed crystal system

Identification and Maintenance of Garnet

  • There are many colors of garnet, each with a different name, the most common is the dark brown-red magnesia garnet.
  • Crystals are very common, usually very hard spherical, with many complex small facets on the surface.
  • The proportion of garnet is relatively large.
  • Garnets that look opaque may appear deep red under strong light.
Garnet Bracelet R-S-A

Garnet Crystal Meaning

  • Let the plan go smoothly
  • Provide tenacity and courage

Garnet Healing Function

  • The color of garnet can often determine the key to its healing effect, and all garnets have the effect of speeding up the healing process.
  • Red garnet has a strong refreshing effect and is only suitable for short-term use.
  • Green garnet has mild energy, but still has a stimulating effect.
  • All garnets can provide a warm, warm and warm energy, which can resist cold, humid or sluggish states.

How to Use Garnet Crystal

  • When using a white crystal magic wand to guide the energy to the fatigued area of the body, the palm of the same hand grabs a piece of garnet and touches the crystal magic wand, which can promote the flow of energy along the direction of the magic wand and enhance healing effect.

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Similar Gems

  • Red corundum, zircon and dark tourmaline are very similar to red garnet; jadeite, green jasper, serpentine, etc. are a bit similar to green garnet.

Crystal Meanings

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