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Gray Crystals’ Color Meaning and Energy

Color is a kind of light energy, the universal language of all kinds of life, and the language of the subconscious mind. The colorful crystals represent an attitude to life.

Introduction of Gray Color

Gray is usually considered a mixture of white and black, but in fact, any mixture of complementary colors will produce gray. Gray can effectively hide a person’s nature. Therefore, businessmen and politicians usually like gray uniforms. Gray shows people’s desire to be calm, emotionally stable, and aloof and neutral. At the same time, gray is also a model of efficiency deepening.

Gray Color Properties and Energy

Gray is a true neutral color. Gray is the color of blankness and emptiness, lack of movement, lack of emotion, lack of warmth, and even lack of any identifying features. Because of this, gray is also leisurely. If the white is higher, it will tend to show the characteristics of the surrounding colors. If the black content is more, it will produce a heavy and frustrating feeling. Gray tends to have a paralyzing effect on the mind, but it is not particularly calming like blue and violet. In fact, the inability to understand the characteristics of this color can make people think of experiences of fear or fear, as if time has stagnated. Due to the emptiness, boredom and directionlessness of gray, it will produce malaise and exhaustion effects on people-the neutral characteristics of gray prevent people from entering a state of vigor.

Unlike brown, gray has nothing to do with solid earth or life in nature. The unmoving stone or the cloudy sky reflects the desolate and irreducible nature of gray. Gray has a feeling of detachment, isolation and non-emotion. Brown means the reality of seeking truth from facts, while gray is the mentality of coldness and carelessness, suggesting unwillingness to engage in manual labor.

The gray clothes suggest that the wearer wants to be clean, and it also implies the savvy. When gray and other colors are put together, it will produce a calming effect. While it eases, stabilizes and highlights the corresponding adjacent colors, it also weakens their vibration energy.

Gray Crystals

Gray stone gives you the characteristics of the mean, allowing you to learn to compromise with reality.

Gray Color Meaning

The gray that mixes black and white weakens the power of black, and the brightness of white is also destroyed. It is in an extremely uncertain state between the two, showing the characteristics of moderation. Different from the warmth of brown, the golden mean is indifferent, and it symbolizes the emotions that don’t care about the outside world. Gray will stifle all positive and enthusiastic communication, manifested as a refusal to have any communication with the outside world. There seems to be an invisible boundary between the individual and the surrounding world; although it is not clear, it is insurmountable. Therefore, it gives people a sense of “cold”, which is lacking in passion, boring, and lonely.

The realm between black and white and right and wrong is usually called the “gray zone”, which is also one of the manifestations of gray ambiguity. It cannot be clearly expressed, nor is it completely hidden. This vague feeling is elusive, and it will play a role in self-protection when necessary. The gray self-protection is not an external attack, but an internal closure, still showing indifference without any emotion.

How to use gray color and gray crystal for a better life

  • Gray disperses all the light that randomly hits it, making the gray pigment look as it is.

Gray Crystal Application

  • Gray clothing emphasizes neutrality. But too much gray will appear lack of character, lack of initiative, and extreme indifference. Pairing gray with another favorite color will have a completely different effect: efficient, well-behaved, and individual.

Gray Crystal For

  • The gray sky will give people a sense of depression, because gray weakens the intensity and color of all other colors.

You need to add gray crystals to your life, when the following situations occur:

  • Too stubborn and unwilling to compromise.
  • Thinking is disturbed by external factors and requires calm thinking.
  • Too impulsive, not cautious in words and deeds.

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