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Green Crystals’ Color Meaning and Energy

Color is a kind of light energy, the universal language of all kinds of life, and the language of the subconscious mind. The colorful crystals represent an attitude to life.

Introduction of Green Color

Green is nature’s favorite color and the color of the plant kingdom. In the green frequency range, the human eye has the highest sensitivity. In the spectrum, because green is in the middle, the outstanding quality of green is balance. Red and yellow are warm colors, blue and blue-violet are cool colors, and green can be seen as either warm or cold, depending on its intensity.

Green Color Properties and Energy

Green represents the desire to grow and expand, so the power of green is the power of nature. However, growth requires change, and change means that what once existed must die and be replaced by what is about to come. The process of life is the process of transforming from one form to another. Balance and a sense of order must be with growth; growth is the expansion of order, and it must be sustainable. To maintain this sustainable growth, sufficient green energy is needed.

Green Crystals

Green stones can balance the mind, balance emotions and promote the development of personal potential. Green sand gold and green tourmaline are good helpers to stabilize emotions. Emerald and moss agate can promote harmony between the human body and the surrounding environment; malachite, perspective stones and peridot can help release bad emotions.

Green Color Meaning

Green is the resonance of the relationship of various colors, because in the process of growth and expansion, we will meet others in the world we live in. Learning how to understand others is a skill that parallels one’s own needs and the needs of others. If it is possible to develop a mutually enjoyable and shared relationship, each other’s lives will be enriched and expanded-that will broaden our interactions with the outside world. If the relationship formed is a negative or unpleasant relationship-often because one person wants to gain power and want to control the other-then one’s own potential to understand the world will be deprived and restricted.

Green energy is inevitably related to the expansion of the scope, and it constantly grows beyond its own scope. Because it is too vast, it must develop a relationship with the surrounding things, but it also possesses a certain degree of power and control.

Green energy can be expressed in a harmonious way, just like ecological balance, everything in nature is in peace and support each other, otherwise, it will be destructive to everything around it. The energy created by green is the energy to discover directions and new ways. Green allows us to find a way to an ideal ending; it provides us with the power to achieve rather than the power to rule.

How to use green color and green crystals for a better life

  • The type of green that the human eye can recognize far exceeds any other color. Therefore, in personal choice, you will become particularly picky.

Green Crystal Application

  • When you feel frustrated and constrained by the external environment, putting yourself in a green environment, such as taking a walk in a green garden, will help restore balance.

Green Crystal For

  • For those far away from the natural environment, the garden helps restore balance and objective judgment. Even a simple window flowerbed can achieve this effect.
  • Youthful, peaceful, solemn.
  • Love, heart, finance, wealth, forgiveness.
  • Mercy, kindness, lung problems, good health
  • Change, grow.

When the following situations occur, you need to add green crystals to your life:

  • A feeling of restriction due to certain circumstances, such as staying at home for a long time or experience.
  • Need to change but fear the unknown.
  • Feeling restricted by the rules and regulations of others, it is necessary to break the rigid model.
  • Need new ideas.
  • A new balance is needed.
  • Personal feelings, especially when you feel overdominated and subservient.
  • There is a negative tendency-the appearance of emotions such as envy, jealousy and greed.

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