High Deep Cut Off UV Block Quartz Tube

I. Application

Outer tube for automotive lamps and other U V-resistant quartz materials

II. Product Features

Cerium-doped quartz glass absorbs all UV-B and C, and its softening point is about 50℃ lower than that of conventional tr ansparent quartz glass. Low OH, extreme appearance, and dimensional toleranc es can meet quartz materials that used in high-end UV protection.

III. Product Type

WQPQ323,High Deep cut off UV block Quartz tube

IV. Typical Size

OD RangeODToleranceWallThicknessWTToleranceOut ofRound Siding Bow

V. Physical and Chemical Properties

i. Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Density(20℃kg/m3ThermalExpansionSofteningPoint(℃)AnnealingPointStrain Point(℃)
(200-300℃℃-1 (℃) 

ii. Impurity Value

Typicalvalue 1.1 1.2 0.5 0.9 1.0 0.5 16.2 1.5 0.05

iii. OH Content

Typical Value without BakingAfter baking

iv. Optical Properties

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