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WillingWoods firmly believe that we have favorable resources for the crystal and quartz industry, and we are constantly improving our products. Therefore, through the business model of the Internet, we hope to give full play to our advantages and benefit more people in need. This is our pursuit.

About WillingWoods

WillingWoods is a dream. This dream is to gather the absolute superior resources around us, and through the exquisite business model, use the Internet to spread, so that more people in need can obtain the corresponding information and reduce the cost of obtaining professional resources.

Crystal resources are undoubtedly our unique advantage resources. Looking at the world, we can also say the same, because we are located in the world’s crystal distribution center. Therefore, it is our mission to spread crystal information and trade crystals. We will continue to improve ourselves to meet the needs of crystal lovers.

Beautiful crystal products are pleasing to your eyes, but we never stop there. We love crystals not only because of the crystal itself, but also the life and lifestyle they bring to us. This gives us even greater challenges. Because we not only need to provide high-quality crystal handicrafts, but also do our best to give more cultural heritage and life attitude to the products and their surroundings. Although this is not a small challenge for us at this stage, we never get tired of it. Because this is our dream.

When it comes to our company itself, I am extremely proud of it. The fun that crystal has brought us is endless, and every step of our struggle is towards our dream. Thanks to all. We will give back to those in need in our own way.

WillingWoods Value

For a better life.

Inspire your inner beauty.

Try our best to provide the valuable things to you.

A trustworthy  brand.

Looking for superior resources to give our customers a greater price-performance ratio.

We are believers.

We hope to convey our attitude through platforms and products.

The more love you give, the more you will receive in return.

About WillingWoods


At WillingWoods, we believe that crystals should be for everyone. We believe in creating equal chance for everyone about crystal resources. We keep our mission in mind in everything that we do.


In the process of working hard to get you a better crystal product experience, we are in the process of continuous innovation. Good products are not only reflected in high-quality product materials and excellent design, but also allow users to always feel our humanistic care.

Product Philosophy

We believe that the role of our products is to help people maximize their aesthetic experience. This means providing them with excellent product quality, providing them with high-quality design and craftsmanship, so that products can stimulate users’ interest and produce a comfortable experience in all aspects.


WillingWoods has a Facebook page about crystals. This profession provides a wide range of crystal lovers with a variety of exquisite crystal pictures and examples of various crystal applications, in order to inspire crystal lovers to be inspired by crystals and their use.

History of WillingWoods

WillingWoods was founded by Mark Xie in 2019. Since then, many things have happened and more people have had an impact on WillingWoods. We are always exploring the use of modern business models to expand the influence of crystal on people’s lives.

Contact us

If you want to contact us, please visit our contact us page.

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